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Tactical Exoskeleton Suit. or T.E.S. , An armor design concept plus the rifle. Mostly done in pencil, colored / highlighted in PS CS3.


haha killer :D

time to learn how to color as well as this. while the contrasts could have been just a tad sharper, the shading is still very nice looking.

Loving the details

I like the amount of details that you put in the armor though I wished you had done the same for the gun. It doesn't "pop out" like the armor does. Also your proportions are a little off. Mainly her right hand, it needs to be longer and the legs look rather muscular (thick) compared to the rest of the body.

Ok. Don't get me wrong here I'm liking this but what kills me about this piece is the stiff and unnatural pose. Might I recommend some gesture drawing to bring your art to life


I didn't see any problems of course that gap between the left arm/torso, and unoriginal armor. Very Nice piece! I love it!

One thing: I thought the gun seemed bent bulky/ugly. I thought it was like a cannon or something, a more assault rifle look would be nice. The face made it a little hard to tell if it was a boy or a girl. Keep up the good work!


I feel that the shoulders need to be a bit broader to compensate for the thick legs. I also think that the head should be a bit larger and the neck thicker as well. Overall tho, great sketch!!! Keep it up! ^_^

Not Bad

Not a bad piece, technically speaking. Your use of line-weights isn't bad, though you might pay better attention to the contrast, so that the face stands out more, right now my eye is most drawn towards the gap between the left arm and torso, or alternately, toward the butt of the gun, which creates a lack of focus. Looks like you used the dodge tool to create your highlights. If that's the case you might want to reconsider, the dodge tool doesn't give you the kind of control you generally want in shading. In this case it works though.

In terms of the design, I'd say it's pretty generic. There is nothing in this character design that I have not seen before. The armor could use some unique details or characteristics to help it stand out from other designs. The face seemed very uncharacteristic, a winsome smiling androgyn (is this a man or a woman?), not particularly original, but more importantly it doesn't fit the military characteristic of the armor and weapon. You'd do well to consider the personality of the character, their experiences, and their role within their world.

Nice piece, keep at it.

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XxCrazydudexX responds:

Thanks for in depth critique ! I'll keep that in mind when I do my future artwork.

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