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Female Aqua Bandits


God, after struggling really hard to get the colors and the shading right, here it is. It's weird because the lighting looks fine on my iPad, while when I upload the final product on my computer the picture looks bright as fuck. I have no idea if it's my iPad being too old, my computer being trashy or ... just how it is, I guess. Anyway- here it is! A drawing of my mutant fan-bandits, except they're WAMEN! ... They might stink less than normal bandits and look somewhat cleaner. But don't fool yourself- They're almost three times dangerous as a classic bandit and they are way more sadistic than you think. So yeah, keep your hands away from their asses and their booberinos, would you?

If you have any feedback or question about my bandit 'species', please feel free to ask.


Bandits (c) PN2 Team/Krinkels

Aqua Bandits and Art (c) X-TNT

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I quite like how you made bandits more interesting than those in the game but I have some questions and they are:
-They attack with other bandits that are not like them?
-They do not die from aging?
-because they hate MERCS especially their leader?
and sorry for my English level

X-TNT responds:

I'm glad you find them interesting! Sure, I will answer them.

1. Most likely, yeah. However-They DON'T go out to the surface and attack random tribes from up there. The aqua bandits wait for the intruders to come down in the sewers, as they are quite isolated from the outside world (kind of like the Buoyancy) and they tend to see newcomers as threats or even fresh meat... But those who carry things with FIRE are immediately seen as threats to them. They're quite sensitive to bright lights and they catch on fire easily because of their adaptation to frozen water. Despite having some disadvantages on their mutation, most of them like to think that they're more superior than normal bandits, so they would often attack them on sight to prove their aggression and superiority. Other factors may affect this, such as hunger, loot, revenge and etc etc.

2. They can die from aging, but their life expectancy is really slowed down and that's because of the fact they spend most of their time staying submerged cold water. This can also change by changing the temperature of the water to warmer, as it will bring their aging process back to normal.

3. Nah, the whole MERC thing was only applied to my aqua bandit OC (AKA Cashew). But some of the generic aqua bandits had bad histories with the MERC too

Ah don't worry, mine isn't perfect neither lol

hEhE BeCaUsE yOu KNow

this shading and the look of art gives it a really good feel to watch

The work is pretty fine even tho you say it looks shittier or something but i guess it looks fine like that we can see it has been worked on and a new kind of... Enemies(?) so yea those sewers are getting less empty i guess there will be more people in.
tho i have some weird ass question that i won't bother asking...
(no i won't ask its hella weird questions or i dunno)

X-TNT responds:

Come on, ask itttt

Credits & Info

4.53 / 5.00

May 13, 2019
5:34 PM EDT
File Info
1187 x 890 px
2.1 MB

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