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Inward Motion


"The bodies and minds of humans are lead. Only clarity of vision can transmute them into gold."

-The Priest


His domain had always been oblivion. Only there could he be King.

Burkhart spiraled inward, wrapped in the soft, enlivening presence of the parasite. This entity he once despised and feared had become more real to him than anyone he had met in this putrid city. Its intentions were not veiled behind the pollution of ego. It was transparent with him, utterly. A looking glass that granted renewed vision to eyes muddied by insanity.

The presence suffused his heart, illuminating every blackened tributary down to the molecule. Its authority surpassed the useless father who had cowered away from the world, and left him only ashes as inheritance. Its warmth was measured and pure, unlike the chaos and dependency visited upon him by a mother too damaged to release him from her bosom.

For the first time in his life, Burkhart was naked beside himself. The delusions and rationalizations he armored himself with as a man had already melted away beneath the penetrating gaze of his new partner. He could hide nothing from her. He couldn't even a remember a time when such a sin had been within his capacity to commit.

His heavy eyes fell closed and he felt something shift, no, warp within his chest and stomach. Startling but far from pain, it was a pleasure he had only known possible in the gentle ecstasy of music, amplified a thousand fold. It was as though the divine words of PTÄH were resonating with the dull terrestrial matter inside him, shaking away the frail membranes of his cells, dissolving solids into fluids and bidding them to glow with pulsating energy. He could only imagine how he would feel when his metamorphosis was complete.

Now is not the time to think of the future. You are not there.

The thought, the words... they rolled down his skull, dripped like honey. Echoed through vast, empty halls.

With a sigh, deeper and freer than any he had exhaled in life, Burkhart permitted himself to sink into the storm of sensations. They coursed through him like sluggish lightning, exploding and dancing in cloudy fractals. He would appreciate this moment. After all, even this new form would one day melt away in the light of the Hellfire Star. Just like this city and all its living and un-living detritus. Just like this place they called Obliteration.

But now is not the time to think of the future...


Burkhart finally slept. The parasite, having awoken from the dreamless hell of its own non-existence, was happy to have found a body.


Thank you for seeing and / or reading. This is my first post here on Newgrounds! I hope you enjoyed both my art and this little bit of lore from a strange universe. More will follow, if you're willing. Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.

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OMG!! acid and brilliant art!! kinda takes me to a memory of good times

WKarellen responds:

Good times indeed. :D

This must be what the evolution of butterflies on humans looks like.

WKarellen responds:

Big, weird space butterflies, sure. ;) Stoked you like it!

The colors and details are amazing man!

WKarellen responds:

Glad you think so! I was worried about the details on this one because it's at a much smaller resolution than what I normally work at and a tad blurry as a result. Good to hear that it still gives off the impression of finer details. If I ever redo it, I'm going to work at 8000x3000 or something, slowly render out every filament and pore. I like the process of detailing. Very meditative for me.

Welcome ♥

WKarellen responds:

Good to be here. Thanks for selling me on this place.

so cosmical!

WKarellen responds:

Cosmical is exactly it. ;)

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4.72 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2020
5:07 AM EDT
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647 x 1991 px
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