The Halls of A.E.


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I've fixed the doors. Thought they looked a little flat in the last version. Actually opened the other one behind him. Plus I touched up the shading in some areas.

A picture of our new protagonist from the latest episode of A.E. Chronics.


Well done. Looking forward to more to come from you.

I love the mixture of realism and a more cartoon-y style, if that makes sense. I'd maybe work on body proportions, but I love everything else. Has a really good established atmosphere.

im going to point out a few things but first i'd like to say this:
im rather brutal and blunt when i review things. if there's something to say, i say it and i might come off as a dick. sorry if i do.
truth is there's talent here. you know how to create the feel of dread and the unease in the painting. but, like every artist (me included), you have some weak spots.
for one, the character's cloak. it looks good at first, but there needs to be more texture to it. i'd advise the use of pictures as references and making the coat fold and wave more.
the second issue is the blood. you used those brushes quite well in some parts, like the bottom right: you made a splat and deformed the image to fit it. but then you use it on the coat and it goes south... it's 2 dimentional and has no history behind it. to fix this problem (one i had a few years ago)
i'd urge you to draw your own blood and make it more liquid, dripping from the blade and make it follow the depth of the coat.
lastly, the background. i get it is not the focus, but those doors look copy-pasted on the wall. for this i'd advise the use of references again.

now for the things i really like:
the character looks cool. it looks innocent but the green eyes are a bit unatural.
the sword looks simple and this adds to the creepy factor. the fact that only the blade is visible adds to this.
the lantern. that light is well done and very well placed, illuminating the face of the character and obscuring the rest.

that's my long-ass review. hope i didnt cut too deep ^^" remember to practice and those issues i mentioned wont plague you anymore. keep up the good work and even better animation.

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Mar 14, 2016
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