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Jan 4, 2010 | 12:14 AM EST
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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

These people below me.

Don't know anything about art or it's constuction.

Anatomy,colour use,shading or anything else they have used to back up their ridiculous assumptions that this is somehow lacking in quality and artistic merit are completely founded on a lack of understanding of them and this piece as a whole.

This is not lacking in quality or artistic merit.This piece is underlined with strong emotions and feelings that have been masterfully incorporated into it's design,creating it's apeal and very essence.

But for the untrained eye these emotions are likely hard to notice prehaps because of the mysterious nature of which this piece was constructed.

So what are they?

First,you notice the placement of the figure.

He's centered horizontally,with his giant penis dragging him towards the left,all the while he counters this by desperately leaning to his right.
Yet his face is calm and he holds up his thumb as if to say he is unconcerned about this,while underneath this calm collected manner it is all too apparent he is in far bigger trouble than he lets on.

I believe that this is the artist trying to convey his struggle for intellectual supremacy and his battle to remain in the center against sexual desires that pull him away from the state of being that allows him to think and express himself as efficiently and poetically as he is capable of.

Secondly you notice the colours used.

White,of snow,phycological emptiness,drawing interest as far away from itself as possible,centering all the focus on the next colour used.


Black is a strong colour,if you were to portray something as bold and fearless black would be the colour an artist would pick.

These two colours create not only a powerfull visual impression,but a greater meaning,that of unwavering confidence in a background so apparently opposed to his very being.

These are but some of the feelings that can be derived from this powerfull piece of artwork and passion.
Many different components of this piece can lead into a level of detail that would be far too long to write in a review that posesses such a modest length cap.

To say that I had reviewed this thoroghly would be to say I described in detailed the workings of a living creature when in fact I had just drawn a modest diagram.

So I say to you,WhaleDick,even though I'm sure you know already,do not listen to these people.

They cannot yet comprehend talent as great as this.

whaledick responds:

i love you


Rated 0 / 5 stars

If this was suppost to be funny.

It fails.

Why is his dick coming out of his fucking hip?

WHY is his left leg shorter then the other leg?!


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whaledick responds:

why do you love to take 20 dicks in you at the same time?