Battle Angel Philia


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codename for a Pair of blind angel and a gold golem, the angel is once a famous war angel, but the war has taken both of her eyes.

as a gratitude of her service in warfare - the ArchAngel given her a golem that act as her eyes with the syncronized mind from both warrior, they both act as unseparated pair of warrior and moving like a pair of butterfly and slay a hundred demon in a blink of eye.

and thus they both get a nickname "Philia" which mean "Friendship" or "love"

6 day, 2-3 hours each, photoshop + bambooFun. enjoy :)



since when did holy golems have a 10 pack abs? lol


thats awesome

A critique

Hello, don't mind my critique too much because I am a nitpick with any picture. I just thought that since everyone else is generally giving you the kudos already you won't really get dented by a few words of criticism, will you?

-The shiny feathers seem just strewn in by you without thought because they are apparently almost all in front of the golem (and once you notice that, they seem all in the same distance as a "screen overlay" rather than scattered randomly as you probably intended them to look like). Also, none of them are downs.
-In some parts, particularly on the lower right, the light blueish lines make it look like you stuck neon lights onto the golem's arms. I know these lines are part of the picture's style, but they just look a bit abrupt in some parts.
-Why is the angle's miniskirt an umbrella? Wouldn't it look cooler if it were swaying in the wind or something? Or maybe use a different skirt design (like multilayered frilly one) if you want it to be still but not boring.
-I can't help but feel the perspective is off on the Golem's right (observer's right) toothed shoulderguard portion

PS: Zhao yang hen hao kan. Shuo yi wuo zhao yang gei 10/10

PS2: To the person who commented on this with "Evangelion"... ever read Shaman King? Just because your general knowledge of media with Giant Mecha is limited to that one series doesn't mean everything with Giant Mecha is related :P

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If someone doesn't make a game/movie/whatever for this, I will just go insane.

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comepletly awesum

but i think i could take her

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Dec 25, 2010
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