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Just a silly little Warhammer 40k/Loud House crossover project I decided to do. And by little, I mean it still took approximately five hours to do the whole thing. Also, marked as MC because of Priestess Luan being coated in blood.

The reasons I decided to pick the 40k thing that they are:
Lori - I was tossing up between making her an IG General, IG Sergeant, or a Commissar, but I decided to go with Commissar as it seemed to fit her the best.
Leni - Honestly I had no idea. I thought about an Imperial Knight pilot, but I decided otherwise.
Luna - Pretty obvious, really. She's very much a rebellious and musical type, so a Champion of Slaanesh would be perfect.
Luan - Priests usually tend to the morale of troops, and I imagine Luan's humour would go over quite well. Plus, I could imagine her with an Eviscerator quite easily.
Lynn - Honestly, any CQC-ish military role would've been fine for her, but I wanted someone in Sororitas armour. Also, I'm really proud of her pose.
Lincoln - It was either Inquisitor or Tzeentch Champion, and I thought Inquisitor suited him more.
Lucy - A mysterious and quiet girl who can teleport and reads Tarot cards? How could I not go with Psyker?
Lana - I'd imagine someone with as little aversion to dirt, mud, and other unpleasant environments as Lana would make for an excellent Stormtrooper.
Lola - She wouldn't really fit in any other area in the Imperium, except for dead or nobility. And because she isn't exactly a master of self-control, she'd probably fall to Chaos one way or another.
Lisa - She's bloody intelligent and extremely knowledgeable, as are most Techpriests, so she'd end up in the Adeptus Mechanicus for sure.

Might draw more stuff with them in the future. Maybe.

Anyway, enjoy, and lemme know what you think.

The Loud House (c) Nickelodeon/Savino
Warhammer 40k (c) Games Workshop
Art (c) Me

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