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A request for DarkreaperToky (dA) - okay, more accurately, an idea I suggested to her when she put in other request ideas, so it's more or less a request for myself.

Shown are two members of Toky's original sci-fi alien species, the Kelvosian. Her character, Xehenya, is the one on the left in the coat, while the other one in the CDSO Scientist uniform, Zhinda (I just came up with that name), is mine. To summarise the Kelvosian, they're a bunch of humans that have been isolated in a cavernous planet for so long that they've either developed or bioengineered traits to survive in Kelvos' underground areas (sharp teeth for cutting into tough fungi, pale skin to absorb light better, extremely good night vision), at the expense of massive photosensitivity and light aversion. They're also, generally speaking, isolationist, xenophobic, and extremely atheist.

Some of them aren't, as is the case of Zhinda.

Also no I don't have a reason why these two would meet up, I just thought this was a cute idea.

Anyway, lemme know what you think :)

Xehenya (c) DarkreaperToky
Zhinda and Art (c) Me

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Feb 1, 2017
5:19 AM EST
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