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I'm uploading more cuz I'm satisfied with this chibi. I'm trying to draw a little more how I think my hair actually looks most of the time.

The controversial opinion is mainly for

  1. I think they cut out fluff in 5. Less puzzles and platforming for the sake of getting to the point. A blessing to some but I'm mixed.
  2. I feel like while the early city environment was TOP TIER, eventually things get kinda stale compared to DMC 1 and 4. (Yes 4 reused lots of levels, aint no one denying that) but I dunno aesthetically I wasn't as into it.
  3. The music was great but I liked the music in previous games more. I also feel like ambient music was lower in volume compared to it in other games? Maybe I'm nitpicking.

5 Def has a better story and characters than some of the previous titles. Objectively it's very much superior to a game like 4. There are reasons I am SLIGHTLY more partial to 4 but it's really more for cosmetic reasons.

I say "sleep" but not because I TRULY sleep but because I legit took a break for a week from playing. (Which to me is shocking even to myself cuz I mean this is like a title I highly anticipated)

When I say I want Sekiro, I know full well I'll play, rage quit for a year, then try again lmao. I might be better off just resuming Dark Souls 1 which I've just had on hold for a bit. (I've beaten Bloodborne and Demons Souls and played a lil of DS1 and Nioh. And yeah I know Nioh isn't from FromSoftware.)

KUON is though! Kuon is rather easy if you are looking for a challenge but you are pretty experienced with older survival horrors then you won't get much out of this challenge wise. HOWEVER. Aesthetics, visuals, ambience and atmosphere are great.

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I want a new OM&M single too.

I agree about the lack of puzzles and extras. Its like the only puzzle was the blood room and those bugs you pick up except way too many times. Meanwhile DMC1 with its spooky music and long hallways just to grab a trident or an emblem to stick it in something. I know its pointless, but there was more atmosphere there. Which makes sense since it WAS a resident evil game at one point. The new one is great for a bunch of reasons. Mostly story and action reasons, but could use more variety in later areas.

Also fuck that time stopping horse you fight with V.

honestly, im mainly just waiting for bloody palace, because thats usually where i spend most time playing a dmc game. since the combat is the best part about the game bar none

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