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The Void


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This is the environment i made while getting carried away.




saw you mention this in your song review, thought id hit you back up anyways.

this is an interesting piece, kinda reminds me of that one painting with all those staircases leading in different directions, i like how you also included that one staircase optical illusion

i was gonna give this a 10 but theres one thing that just doesn't feel right, your lack of color. you have 3 primary colors you use:


i think you could use a bit more color, the white just makes this feel like theres nothing there...but i guess that does kinda work for the whole 'void' feeling :)

VidGameDude responds:

glad to have critique then a 10.
or a 10 and critique is nice too but im glad there's something you wish me to improve on.

yeah the color mix is a bit strange and a tad offputting, glad you noticed that, but pretty much what i was going for.

thanks for the review regardless of your offer!
your music piece was quite relaxing.


The Stairs to the left reminds me of escher

and I LOVE escher, and this is pretty escherish and I congratulate you with that

VidGameDude responds:

YES, that's what i wanted to implore in this piece finally...someone gets it!




You mentioned in "Anonymous Anima Machkra" that this was for a video game, and I LOVE IT. I'm imagining starting, FPS style, in the bottom-center area and looking around at the ridiculous and all-white objects floating around me, and there's only one place that I can walk to. That place has a forboding, powerful looking face and a design that seems almost alien compared to everything else, and I would be forced to wonder, "What the hell is about to happen!?" I would love to play a game where this is the type of imagery used!

Now, I know Kinsei01 comes off cocky, but he tends to notice things that I miss, and the improvements he suggests are valuable (even if his wording is infuriating). If you get around to experimenting at all with lighting, you could do some really awesome stuff here. (I don't know Max, so I can't help there.)

VidGameDude responds:

Trust me i take in everything he gives me professionally and calm.
its just when he doesn't realize that you can click the picture and enlarge it is all =/

also this is for Matt's Epic battle fantasy 4 game.
not an fps, but i love the way you described it!
be sure to check out the other one instead of just this.

and thanks for the review!


Great Over All...

But you have one major problem that hurts this a lot, and it is the size. I don't want to be too harsh over this because I know we have discussed this before. If you could get a much larger render up it would add some major kudos. I mean, what good is putting in all that hard work you have, if no one can see it.
Your using Max, right? if so try using the Print Size Wizard: Render > Print Size Wizard. and then select the 600 DPI in the dialog box that pops up. Your computer will probably throw a fit, but it will be worth it for the extra large image.

Moving from that you have a majority monocolor piece with one piece of what I will call gold in the center, I think this works well on the level of composition. It really draws your eye in to the center of the piece.
It seems a little heavy on the right when it comes to balance, and that is mostly because of that one huge piece.

It's looking like a main dual light source with a couple omnis placed about. but I think the lighting works for the situation.

Over all, it's good. Just that size man....

VidGameDude responds:

Ok look, i stopped reading right at the size part of the first paragraph.

This thing cannot be posted past 4 million pixels. newgrounds wont allow any bigger size.

did you even click it?

alright let me tell you this, i used no lights...i never intended for it to be balance, or symmetrical or what not.
i threw all this together out of boredom and laziness.
I cannot use lights since no one will teach me.

btw did you even check the other one i submitted?


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4.45 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2011
10:28 AM EST
3D Art
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