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It's Fatty McGee's Dad! And he's HUNGRY! (run away) also that's a belly button sticking out of his pants

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Not nice

Again, I don't take a liking to your "fatty mcgee" art, it'd be a bit insulting to obese people.
I like art that doesn't put down, insult or mock people that aren't like us.
It's a bit hateful, actually.

I usually like your art, but I don't find this sort of thing funny, or entertaining.
But as a work of art, I guess the colour scheme is your usual.
So I'll be commenting on everything else except tbe offensive stuff.

I like your detail with the fries, it actually looks like McDonald's fries. It's quite nice.
The stars of the sky are very simply done, and I like your simple art style.
I didn't really get the concept of the moon having two left halves of his face, but it was interesting.
The dots on top of his eyes are supposed to be mini-eyebrows? I was a little confused by this.
And again, the dark blue sky is a very nice colour. Really portrays an air of dank darkness, but also the still kind of darkness, serene.

Apart from the offensive stuff, there really isn't much to say about the soul of the art.
I really would like you to stop making these "fatty mcgee" art, because quite frankly, I think your art usually brings about subtleties and nuances that I rarely see in art, the complexity that comes through simplicity.
I was just expecting more than this, that's all.

Thanks for letting me see your art, though.



up-a-notch responds:

Ok yeah I don't plan on doing anymore because...i don't feel like it, also this is not supposed to be mean

The picture was funny.

The randomness in this drawing and the way you made look the fatty McGee was very funny. I really liked the cartoon-ish style you used in this, it gave to this a nice touch.

As for the details, Moon's expression was hilarious! It was pretty clever drawing McGee breaking half of the Moon and take it as a "midnight snack".
Not to mention the McDonald's fries in his pants.

Finally, the background was the only thing that I just found weak.
It's good, though. But I felt it empty, besides of the stars. Maybe a couple of mountains or perhaps some clouds.

In resume, I really liked this. Specially of its cartoon-ish and sloppy stlye and since it was very funny, in my opinion.

Good work! :)

[Review Request Club]


up-a-notch responds:

Thanks dude I hope you make it big in the review request club! :)

Oh, good, a belly button!

A great piece that works as a counter to Fatty McGee!

I'm guessing my reviews are getting somewhat repetitive by now, seeing as it's pretty much the same stuff I praise every time. I love the way you colour stuff. I see you've used the dark blue of the sky as a base here, and then filled in on top of that. It looks good as always, your sloppy style, but it almost looks like you've forgotten the pants. The colour is VERY similar to that of the background, and you can see the grass through it. Might want to change the colour on that one.

I see that he's eating the moon, while Fatty McGee was feeding the sun. It looks like an older version of Fatty, and a hungrier one as well. Funnier if you've seen both of them!

Other than that, I can't think of much else to say. Other than, is that a tattoo of McDonalds French Fries? This guy's really enthusiastic about his junk food.

Review Request Club

up-a-notch responds:

no that's not a tattoo...that's frying sticking out of his pants! And I thought you of all people would notice that his shirt says buffet while Fatty's says food, also this is fattys dad...so it does look like fatty a little

your review rank

9.9/10 (because it's not as long as the normal) also if you read this pm me :)

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Jul 26, 2010
11:40 AM EDT
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1000 x 1000 px
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