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i forgot that. I completely forgot


Zerrux © Riggu

Sin © Uluri

CONTINUED FROM as one of a Response to: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/37359633/

Which isn't on any art platfrm, so decided to add it in.

So, I legit forgot completely about that specific incident. 100% out of my mind how fucking horny he is, and how far he's gone to get off. So, I tried to roll to brush it off, but lo and behold my luck of 1s with Dice bursts through the door like the cool-aid man at the worst best of times.

. . . .

It was a day of individual adventure for all our characters, some Idle exploration while we come up with some plans for our crew to cause some havoc. Zerrux gone and did something where his arm needed some good ol medical attention. Here comes this devilish little monster who overheard the troubles of our half orc friend, here to intercept and convince Zerrux that he can fix his injury.

I've got this. I've got plenty of experience working with people's bodies. I can help you out. I know what to do, so come with me. I have everything I need in my dungeon.

Lured to the dungeon already used to how the crazy imp demon organizes his "medical equipment", it comes to no suprise everything of his would be stored here. Just the usual. Sin brings himself and some supplies over to his patient awaiting some healing services, and takes out some sharp utensils and some alchemy concoctions that might be disinfectents and healing potions? As Sin was cutting away [bad] flesh and re-healing pieces back up, no pain relief might I add, Zerrux could see he was enjoying this a little too much. A lot too much. Visibly too much excitement.

What in every single gods name would make you think this was a good idea, Zerrux? Lilluth knows how to use Healing spells. As soon as his arm was healed enough he booked it out of there No matter how much convincing Sin tried to do to keep him for his amusement. Staying any longer might have occured some events that one would want to forget. At least the physical scars could be healed with magic.


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Jul 22, 2020
2:19 PM EDT
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