not bad!

in this piece of art you've mixed your many colors and this makes the mushroom very nice, I also read the reviews of other people and I also agree on too large of this mushroom, however I liked it.

EventHorizon responds:



I like the idea of this and how it will look when you shrink it down to get the intended size. Also, some of these in conjunction with a few badgers and perhaps a snake would be epic!

Weebl aside, we have to consider that this isn't necessarily the best possible combination of colours that you could have chosen for the project and the background is non-existant. Overall, the detail level is good, for a pixelated image, so keep up the good work and show us what else you're capable of creating, possibly with this little masterpiece shrunk down and strategically placed in the background, for example.

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EventHorizon responds:



The colors on this are nice, and I'm surprised at how big the image is. The fact that it's so rough around the edges is the first thing I noticed. If I were you, I would definitely consider smoothing that out, or shrinking the image. If the edges weren't so pixelated, I think this would look a lot better.

The colors are very nice, however, and the shading is quite good. Keep up the good work.

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks for your review and for your advice!

Would look better smaller

Seeing this mushroom so large works against it. The suspicious lack of detail can be excused when the piece is smaller, considering the pixel art style. However, you will see many artists that have incredibly detailed pixel art pieces that are at the same time incredibly expansive. This mushroom could be received much better if it were shrunk to about 25% of its size. At that point, you've got more room to work. You could make more mushrooms and maybe even create a patch of them, like you would find near a tree stump.

The coloring of the piece isn't bad, but it is kind of confusing. It fades from brownish yellow to mint green, which isn't impossible (especially because, you know, it's not a real mushroom); however, it is abrupt and not particularly attractive. Again, this would be much easier on the eyes if it were smaller.

The mushroom cap looks great. I like the blueish color and the spots are a nice compliment. The fins underneath are colored very well, and look detailed enough. You did a much better job giving this part dimension than the bottom.

Detail the various pieces a little more, consider making the piece smaller, and then you'll have a mushroom ready to get people stoned just by looking at its pixely goodness.

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EventHorizon responds:

thanks for your review, now that I think you're right about the dimensions of the fungus if it was smaller than it would have been better, I'm not a great artist because all my art I have drawn with the mouse and this is the reason for many imperfections, however thanks for your advice!.

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Oct 30, 2010
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