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Jul 7, 2013 | 9:03 PM EDT
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Author Comments

So I haven't posted anything in a long time. I mean, not that anyone really cares, but I wasted so much time doing nothing when I could have been trying to get better. For a while, it seemed like EVERYTHING I put on a canvas looked like absolute shit and I was getting super frustrated. I thought I was getting worse at drawing, so I took a break, lol.

Well, I got over it and decided to just draw something and put it up. Aaand, it turned out to be this. I know it's not very tasteful, but it's whatever, lol. I draw as I go and don't really plan much, and this just happened to appear on the canvas, so yeah.

So, I tried to incorporate more things that I think makes my stuff look less amateurish, like a weird camera angle and a not-so-stiff pose, and stuff.

I was actually pretty proud of my drawing when I finished the line art. It was the first time I drew a hand without a reference, :O, lol. But when I started coloring, I realized how much I suck at coloring. I honestly have no Idea what I'm doing, I just put stuff wherevers. If anyone could give me some advice on that, I'd really appreciate it, or advice on anything really.

Or even just your thoughts and what you don't like would be helpful too. Tyty in advance.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

omg dude, pls learn how to draw the body right, nice coloring btw!

Twiddis responds:

Haha, yeah, I'm tryin.

Thanks for your comment.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I will try to make this criticism as constructive as possible! First, I would like to start off by saying that her entire head is very neatly drawn! Her eyes look nice and the shine from both eyes and hair are great (maybe some shine on her rump?). However, the way the body was drawn looks almost an entire grade level below her head. I'll give you props for being able to draw a hand without a reference, hell I can barely draw a stick figure let alone a hand.

Please for the love of all that is holy, do not take any of this the wrong way. I am simply trying to help you improve yourself as an artist! Don't give up!

Twiddis responds:

Don't worry, lol, I'd never take criticism the wrong way. The entire reason I'm posting my pictures up before I get good is to get as much criticism and input as possible. Really, don't hesitate on saying anything, because getting all of everyone's thoughts is incredibly helpful. Thank you for commenting!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

this looks like pro level to me :)

Twiddis responds:

Thanks for the compliment! Unfortunately a bit I'm far off from being pro level >.>, but I'm workin towards it.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Try not to look at me crazy, but I don't like that this character is naked. I like your style without the nudity. Nudity isn't bad in art, but I dislike seeing it because it is overdone. Nudity will get more attention but it doesn't do much to improve your skills generally. It is obvious from the length of your comments that you are putting a lot of thought into your efforts as an artist--that is good! That is what I like! I like that in Snowy Place you are attempting a more difficult pose in order to improve your work. I like that you view pieces as opportunities to improve specific aspects of your work. For this piece you have chosen color. I do not have much artistic advice, except that colors should repeat in at least two places in a work (hence matching eyes and hair) and that contrast in colors can allow the artist to direct attention in the picture. For example, the orange collar in this piece really jumps out because of the contrast it forms with the blue hair. As long as we are discussing this work, I should add that the girl's hips cannot reasonably bend to separate the legs that far. If the leg in the background were more to the left, it would look better. Finally, don't let these comments discourage you. Your art is good and I am following you for that reason. As far as all of your recent work looking "like absolute sh*t"--that sometimes happens. I have found that while creating something it looks like crap for ninety percent of the process, and if it is going to be a good creation you don't really know for sure until the end. Don't worry about it. A failed picture is also valuable in improving your skills as an artist. I look forward to your future work and the improvements that your thoughtfulness and failures will allow.

Twiddis responds:

Thank you so much for your words and your compliments! It really means a lot to me.

Yeah, I agree with you. To be honest, I think she turned out naked and in chains because it's easier than drawing clothes... I was feeling discouraged and frustrated about not being able to draw anything good so I guess I just went with what was easier, which really isn't a good idea when it comes to trying to get better. But I also kind of did it because it's kind of fun to see my friends go "wtf" when I show them the picture, lol.

Thanks for the advice with the color. There's a lot I don't know about color, composition, and all the fancy stuff artists talk about, but I'm watching some videos and learning things bit by bit so I can incorporate them into future pieces. And yeah, her right leg was a huge mistake. I had originally sketched it so you couldn't see much of it, but for some reason I thought it would look better and more like a butt if I broke a few rules of anatomy, but it looks awkward. I hate myself for not seeing it and fixing it.

Thanks again, you've been really helpful. You don't have to worry about your comments discouraging me xD, you've actually done the opposite entirely.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice art
hot too
keep it up

Twiddis responds:

Thank you, lol