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World that Never Was [Jazza's COTM, May 2017]


At your peak in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, you ought to have a) gotten Final Form, b) defeated the Mushroom XIII, all thirteen Organisation replicas, and Terra's lingering will -- hence the gold crown. If you want proof (pardon the pun), here it is:


Oh, and by the way, Final Form includes the abilities of levitation, limited flight and telekinesis. If you thought Sora was a bamf before, bloody hell, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

However, I'm not here to talk about that. Sure, Sora here has the gold crown but I've never brought him to his peak. I am not capable of doing so. But I can dream, can't I? Here's Sora, bathing in the light of Kingdom Hearts one last time before going off to fight Xemnas and restore peace to the worlds for the second time.

And this brings me to another, more important subject: artwork.

I love drawing. In fact, I received a replacement for my broken / missing Trust Flex tablet because of the enjoyment I derive from drawing. But when you can't catch a break with anything you've taken part in for the last 11 years, and when nobody gives a fuck about what artwork you try to produce, in the end, it just breaks you inside. Here you are, trying to share *you* with the world, and nobody fucking cares.

Anyway. I hope that this isn't my last drawing, but quite frankly, I feel heartbroken, and dead inside with regards to visual art -- and this could very well be my last, if this feeling persists.

If you want the particulars of this drawing, I did it over three days with free!Sketchbook. There was a transparent PNG of Sora brandishing his Keyblades in my art thread, as well as the Challenge of the Month thread. The noise would be added later on PowerPoint, because I would normally do so on GIMP but cannot trust my PC to be able to handle that bloody thing.

Anyway, with that, I'm gonna leave this here. I hope that I managed to channel my heartbreak into, I don't know, something useful and beautiful enough to captivate at least some people.

Progress shots, because a commentator below was so kind to remind me when I'd forgotten.

EDIT: Added signature because whatevs. I normally sign with the triquetra these days.

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I'm always impressed when people can use Photoshop and make it look like they were using real paint. It always leaves me guessing and questioning the reliability of my eyeballs. haha

The details of Sora's clothes and hair are incredibly well done, but the only thing that seems off to me is his left palm. I'm no anatomy expert, but maybe if the hand was higher up or if the wrist was a bit lower + a few small tweaks I think everything would be the foreshortening effect you were going for. It's tricky stuff but I can tell that you'll get there in no time. :)

Keep it up!

That is beautiful. I love Kingdom Hearts. The style is great, and you nailed the background, foreground, and midground thing.

Troisnyx responds:

Eh, cheers. Glad you like it. : ) Hope this drawing has some 'soul' to it.

Love the style

This is awesome! I love the foreshortening and background colours especially, although his right leg looks a little odd? Could just be me, idk.

Troisnyx responds:

Cheers; I find that I'm not sure how the foreshortening went as far as the whole body was concerned, so I feel you there. Glad you like it otherwise, thank you!

Welp I'm now glad I didn't decide to go with Sora for my submission. You would have definitely outshined mine by a lot lol. Great work! :D

Troisnyx responds:

Oh my. Cheers!

What are you going for, out of curiosity?

Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

May 4, 2017
11:23 PM EDT
File Info
1001 x 2000 px
5.4 MB

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