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"In condemning us, you condemn all your own ancestors, all the ancient priests, bishops and kings, all that was once the glory of England, the island of saints, and England, the most devoted child of the See of Peter."

--Saint Edmund Campion

This sketch was one which came from the heart. Behold Indomitus. A few sketches ago, I did a chibi version of it for Project Chaplaincy -- this is the first of all of my enemy sketches where the aesthetic has changed.

Indomitus came as a reflection on the Catholic martyrs of the whole world, but especially of Tyburn (in Westminster). It also is a representation of the whole world's torture, degradation and instances of inhuman treatment. Every instrument of torture which I could stuff on or behind a breaking wheel, I put in -- sword, clubs, scourges, maces, spears, branding-irons, the stake and the heretic's sulphur-lined clothes -- you name it, it's there. I didn't put in the rack, the brazen bull or the iron carding combs, which have been documented to be used for the Tyburn martyrs, Saint Eustace and Saint Blaise respectively... they just wouldn't fit, for one, and I didn't know what iron carding combs looked like. I don't wanna know.

For Project Chaplaincy, I intended this thing to be a powerful boss. Maybe the final boss? Maybe not? That will come with due time.

Dedicated to our brethren who are persecuted and forgotten.

Used a whole boatload of pens which were really off-colour; wound up rendering the picture in black and white because it looked better. On that note, I have a scanner now.


i love it! like you.......nah lie haha

Troisnyx responds:

You mean, 'you like me, not in THAT way.' At any rate, glad you loved the artwork. Cheers!

Brilliant art. So many details, and generally quite a powerful piece. I sort of agree with kkots on the whole perception thing: my eyes are darting everywhere when I view this, but then again, when you have what appears to be a possessed being suspended in front of a wheel with a brutal array of medieval weaponry and torture instruments, then I suppose that's intentional.
This would be a fitting concept for a prime antagonist indeed. You mentioned that Indomitus was a 'possessed Brit', which sounds quite disturbing in itself (this revamp brings out the suffering of the central figure a lot more than the chibi.)
Also, the Day of Reckoning soundtrack would go well with the materialising of Indomitus. It certainly sounded like it was composed for that purpose.
A coloured version would be ace, but I still admire the way you rendered this: it gives it a sense of bleakness.
Original stuff as usual, and it's pleasant knowing that you're still drawing/composing. I hope you are well.


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It's really hard to perceive the picture as a whole. There are too many cluttered details. They are not organized in any order. The details are really chaotic. It's hard to look at this.
Would had been much better if you threw all those weapons away and just left the wheel with chains and spikes on it.

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Troisnyx responds:

I think, that was the point though... the executions and even the persecution are all chaotic. I thought once on how throngs would gather at Tyburn to watch the executions, and they'd scramble like it was the football stadium. And you had all the merrymaking among the spectators while the condemned were left up there to die...

Still, I agree with you: the breaking wheel with chains and spikes alone would've served as a much cleaner image. If anything, *I* find it harrowing to look at this. >_<

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Oct 23, 2013
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