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Redraw of a still scene I drew for my longsuffering dream of a bullet hell shooter game / webcomic, previously known as Project Chaplaincy but now renamed Tales from the Realm at the Other Side. The original still was never published on NG... until today, which you will find at the bottom of this description.

Version without text:


This was meant to be a friendly character turned evil because he grew sick of powerlessness -- the powerlessness of losing friends, the powerlessness of not changing the fact that people were dying en masse around him due to a demon infestation which plagued the whole land. He felt that he was on the losing side.

So he jumped ship and disappeared; it would later be discovered that he would side with the demons in a bid to control them and wield their power. He felt powerful, for sure. He got a kick out of terrorising people with the demons that he could summon with a snap of the fingers.

But you know how it goes with these sorts of things -- it's likely that the demons are controlling him instead.


I'm not even in the position to be able to commission anyone -- but over the years I've come back to this idea, because there's something about it that never seems to want to die. It is something I've held within me for a full decade now, and understandably, it is close to my heart. I don't have the mind for programming, but I do have the mind for everything else -- story, artwork, music, even UI.

It's a long shot, but I'd be eternally grateful to see this project come to life......


Below is the original 2017 version. Boy has my drawing gotten a lot better since then.


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Diggin' this tho

Nice usage of green-yellow (analogous) to make things blend together alongside the purple demons he surrounds himself with (Complimentary to green)

However you are a bit lacking in knowledge of lighting and shade and a bit on anatomy (which is something I see a lot of newgrounds artists struggle with). With the arm shading you simply copy the lines of the arm without any curvature or folds of any nature, and the shading is a lot darker/sudden than the original color (I suspect not using the proper brush settings or too much of a darker value)

Also its a rule of thumb in anatomy that our arms are JUST long enough to cover our groin. When I imagine rotating Blaise's hands downwards, I can see it going way past it. (You may Lasso Tool selection > Set your anchor point to the shoulder > Rotate it to see my point and later > Ctrl Z to undo) this is fine for cartoony or for style purposes however

also I can't put my finger on it but I'm unsettled with the colors of the pants/shoes. (though it might just be me)

I know what it's like having a project idea that never leaves your head after so many years. There are actually a lot of things you can do to refine it and prepare whilst you're waiting however. Personally I took a lot to writing and explaining every inch of area in the game, as well as creating an overlay map to also help evaluate how long my game would be. Next I'm studying pixel tiles and tiling in general to lay out the foundation of the walls and areas (even if its just some dumb blocks, they simply serve as a guide to how the level is built and will be replaced with actual designed walls once I'm ready)

If you're determined, there's usually a way. You may even hang out programming websites/discords and help-out with their projects by simply giving 1-2 music themes in exchange for their temporary assistance and/or expert advice. That's just one example of how you may start making connections and get it going! Personally I can't really draw too much due to (life), however writing and planning takes a lot less time and thinking from me so I resorted to that most of the time.


Epic. Just bloody epic.

Credits & Info

4.82 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2021
5:52 PM EDT
File Info
1125 x 1626 px
4.2 MB

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