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Presenting ArchetypeZ8 (pronounced "archetype-zed-eight"), a character from the still-in-progress Newgrounds Audio Drama, whom I first drew in this poster some months ago:

In the audio drama, she's a musical gynoid with a rather British voice, and a friend of Darnell.

She has a lot more detail and articulation now than I previously drew her, and I guess I am pleased about that. This drawing now graces @RealFaction's most recent piece at the time of writing, ArchetypeZ8's theme!


Outlines on PowerPoint, colouring on Autodesk Sketchbook. Scanlines were added later.

This is a character that was conceived on the part of several people, especially the writers of the Newgrounds Audio Drama, and was based on a few people, notably:

  • @ParagonX9 -- heck, even the naming formula "ArchetypeZ8" follows his naming scheme,
  • @Phyrnna, another NG musician of great renown whose theme colour is blue.

I gave her features that resemble the UI of various versions of FL Studio, since that is the digital audio workstation that most of us Newgrounds musicians use. Her design was also inspired by various Vocaloids, and the bodysuits of the origin Reyvateils from the Ar tonelico series of games.

Lineart below.


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I thought I recognized the design a bit. :) But maybe it's from the poster as well... initially she seemed a bit like Motoko from Ghost in a Shell. Color-wise too. Potential cyberpunk future and all. I like the glow and wing details in particular, and the dreamy pose, almost like she's submerged in a float tank (otherwise the hair would be blowing more towards a specific direction no?). Nice work, and do hope that collab comes to fruition eventually...


Troisnyx responds:

I hope so too. A few more of us are hopping into action when some of us are relatively incapacitated, so I remain hopeful.

Yes, I did imagine a float tank. More to the point, I had Miku Append's design in mind, minus the hair floating upward, for the posture.

You were talking about cyberpunk, and it sent a shudder up my spine. I mean, in the story, she's an AI musician, and naturally one that looks poised to take over anyone's compositional work — which is a harsh reflection of existing AIs that draw, write music, etc. in formulaic manners, perhaps, but they seem poised to take over the work of the average musician, and something like this can leave us desperate. But AZ8 has a good heart inside her.

Looks great, but my mind just keeps going back to the same thought: "man, doors must be REALLY difficult to deal with..."

Troisnyx responds:

Hm, wonder if the wings are retractable 🤔

Glad you like it! Thank you!

This would be great for a animated move @Troisnyx this amazing art piece is so realistic that your art masterpieces should go in a museum because it so amazing keep up the great work my man I am so amazed



Great to see the character come to life. Very well drawn. I like the cool colours and the futuristic style.

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you! Yeah, when I first drew her I thought, "Pico is orange / green, Nene is pink, Darnell is purple / yellow, what's the missing colour? Blue---" and then set about to draw her with that colour primarily. Glad that colour and that look kinda stuck; this is the refinement of that first drawing.

Wow, Looks super cool :D

Troisnyx responds:

Eee thank you~ Glad you love it!

Credits & Info

4.66 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2019
2:19 PM EST
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720 x 1040 px
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