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Stay Rad Boils and Ghouls!


Originally began as a Crypt Keeper portrait but I got carried away and he ended up 90s cool haha


While you're here, you should check out my Patreon! I'm creating an open world RPG, Choose Your Own Adventure Picture book, based in the ridiculous fantasy world of Aleborn, filled with monsters, beasts and creepy old people. It is here you take on the role of Mortimer, Beast Hunter! Will you become the greatest hero of the lands, or the biggest laughing stock of all time?

Starting out with just your bare hands and your trusty (and very fashionable) Gut Sack, you will go on quests, make friends and enemies, collect items, maps and different weapons and carve out your name in history! (Or on the side of the tavern tables…) Decide on what treasures you want to steal, which paths you want to travel, which peasant you want to punch in the face... it's totally up to you.

Each tier on the Patreon will give you access to different levels of control over the story, from a multiple choice vote at the end of every page through to making entirely unprompted suggestions to have written into each scene. Equip different items and weapons that you find along the way to assist in your actions and have fun!

I've also got a dedicated art tier for those interested in colouring in pages, high res art files, character sketches, tutorials, timelapse videos and more!


and for more art stuff check out my insta:


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Tales from vapor wave youtube.

TristanTait responds:

Haha yeah, pretty much sums it up

Loved it man! Good memories from that excellent show.

You could say he's "ROTTING" in the 90s! HAahahhahaaHaha!!!!!
Ok, I'll see my way out...

TristanTait responds:

It was sch a good show! I kind of want to see a remake ... but I know they'd ruin it


Dude this thing is just disgusting! I'm impressed by the amount of nasty detail that can be drawn in one face drawing. The way that this was shaded and colored just makes it even worse. This isn't meant in a bad way at all, this face just flabbergasted me with its grossness.

TristanTait responds:

Haha gross and nasty detail, I'll take that as a compliment for sure :p thanks!

in scientific stuff ing games cartoon, everything, i decide it to call it,
the color of the scienze.

Too bright. Has that artstation dime a dozen look. Needs Newgrounds makeover.

TristanTait responds:

Not sure what you mean, Newgrounds makeover? I don't have an artstation so I'm not sure what's going on over there, I just like the idea of contrasting something gross and hideous with bright colours

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4.65 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2020
10:06 AM EDT
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770 x 850 px
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