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Totem Pole

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Jan 17, 2010 | 8:47 AM EST
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Author Comments

Me and my buddy A. Wells have for years talked about how we would like to get a web-comic series started. But everytime we let video games, movies, and going out get in the way.

We finally have come together and made the real first steps to bring our web-comic dream to reality.

If you enjoy stupidity, absurdity, pop culture refereces and down right asinine behaviour then you will love our stories.

Come, run away from reality and join the "Asinine Circus".

Characters from top to bottom: Adrian, Jenny, Cupid, Troy, Terry and Carlos.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


This looks amazing, looking forward to the web comic. :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i likes it

Cool! Its nice and colorful.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


awsome just awsome :) i like it how you drawn the people on it! :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A webcomic? Good luck.

First of all, I'll rate the picture itself. The style is very Saturday morning Disney, like The Weekenders or something. It looks good, and I wouldn't feel bad reading a webcomic done in that style.

The hands are drawn rather awkwardly, the character situated atop the front man's head looks like he or she (can't tell which sex it is) has stolen Droopy's ears and I'm not a big fan of the circular noses you gave a couple of the characters looking forwards, but other than those it looks fine.

I feel like the circle should be filled up more. As it stands, the picture is rather unbalanced with nothing on the left side of the circle, and everything piling upwards. It feels a bit side-heavy.

Now onto rating my first impressions of the idea of your webcomic bsed on this picture and your description.

First of all, the name 'Asinine Circus' is terrible. I would make a point of not reading anything called 'Asinine Circus'. The title doesn't flow well, and I really have no desire to read anything that would describe itself as 'asinine' (a word I've only ever used as an insult). It's definitely a bad first impression I get from that name.

The characters, again based on my first impression, seem to be quite generic for a webcomic. At a glance it would seem that you've got your typical straight man at the front there, with the wacky other male lead right behind him (not referring to the kid on his shoulders). I'm guessing these two are good friends despite the stupid things that the guy holding the Xbox controller does.

A little bit behind the two you've got your obligatory female character that keeps it from being a sausagefest. I don't know her personality, but I'm guessing that it's largely centred around her being a girl (this being the general trend in sole female characters in webcomics).

Then you've got the ridiculous non-human character that turns up in every single bloody webcomics, and that I've never liked in any single one of them. Looks like it will be another character that does crazy things and just generally annoys straight man at the front.

The kid character is a hyperactive kid that goes around being a crazy hyperactive kid. I can't tell if it's a boy or a girl so I can't really make a proper judgment on what its personality is. I'm guessing that, again, it makes life hard for straight man.

I'm not too sure of the guy at the back's place in the generic characters that are present in everything. I'm guessing he goes around complaining a lot, being sarcastic, and generally hating everything, but that's all I can think about his character.

Your description of the thing is really what makes me wary of the comic. 'Stupidity, absurdity, pop culture refereces (sic) and down right asinine behaviour' are attributes of almost every uncreative webcomic out there. And almost every webcomic out there that follows that description is terrible. There are so many bad webcomics that just follow the mold of having stupid characters be stupid for no reason, and having a straight man decry their behaviour.

I'm guessing that that guy in the front there is your author avatar? Is he going to be the one expressing your views on things the most? I don't know.

This is all pointless guess work of course, but those are my initial impressions of your little advertisement, and it goes to show exactly how quickly people like me can make up their minds about things.

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Torogoz responds:

Hi Ageis,

Thanks so much for your indepth review of the picture.
I guess i would like to address some of the points you have made. This style is a little of a departure from my nomal style and in the hopes of easy reproduction and sequentials drawings... a side effect would be the simplistic hands and noses that you see. I guess this will happen only as long as i am getting adjusted to simplifying my drawing style.

The name "Asinine Circus" comes from the initials of me, the artist and the writer. It was originally taken from a pet project we made called "asinine creed" named much the same way but was a mockery of the assassins creed game. It held a bit of a sentimental value and most people don't even know what asinine means.

haha - you are right about the drawing been one sided... in the original sketch there was another character that i wasn't happy with the design off so i excluded her from it. I was going to fill in that space with the tittle of the comic but the logo is still being sorted out.

You are right, the guy at the front is based on me... he is used in order bring together all the other characters. And you are right about most of the roles the characters play. The girl though is not the only female in the comic... just the only one I was happy with the design off, he role isn't actually to be "the girl" just a source of fear for the other characters she's the strongest emotionally, physically and keeps all the other characters inline with out an ounce of sexuality or feminitity... i guess a "mother type" of character.

The non human character, he isn't used so much as to make the character's life hard, just give someone that the hyper active kid can interact with who is a silent contrast to his very talkative nature... and a very transparent effort to get female readers since he seems to be a favorite with ladies.

The hyperactive kid is male though afeminite and his sister, the girl is protective of him like a lioness with a cub. essentially he gets in trouble, she picks up the pieces and cleans up the mess... sometimes through violence and force. Wich allows the kid to get away with more mischief.

The guy in the back is as you said a complainer, but also plays the straightman in amongst all the craziness. I guess i have used alot of archtypes but that is what people relate to, but as they say the devil is in the details....

each character is tackled a little different than in the web-comics i read and have traits that would make them lovable (i hope).

Okay i totally agree with you with comics having people been stupid for no reason and having 1 guy comment about how everyone else is stupid... i hate that and is something that i will try to stay away from. every character is crazy in their own way so even when complaining about the other person's craziness they will be involved in a stupid act themselves.

thanks for your interest, i do hope not to dissapoint in my future endeveours.... but i do understand that my taste and comic might not be for everyone.