Heavy Soulfall


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Once a simple forest spirit, Alma lived in the lush and glorious forest of the Hidden East. While the other forest spirits boondoggled and played pranks on the wandering travelers passing through their forest, Alma worked tirelessly on brightening the forest with her botanical abilities, making her a popular favorite among the spirit chiefs and natives. Jealous of her popularity, the other forest spirits schemed to rid of Alma. Stealing from their chief's arcane library, the forest spirits tricked Alma and pushed her into a summoned hell portal.

Alone and deprived of her powers, Alma awoke in the cold and nebulous Netherworld and was found upon by the entity known as Death. Alma pleaded and begged Death to let her leave the cursed place, but Death told her that her soul was branded the moment she fell into the Netherworld, forever linking her to this place and him. Alma was immediately distraught and begun sobbing at her fate. Death, immediately captivated by Alma's beauty, offered her a chance to leave the eternal imprisonment of hell by offering her a position as a soul-gatherer. Seeing no other better choice in her predicament, Alma took the job.

Now and forever, Alma follows Death as he does his job and leads the souls of the fallen to their destination. Alma, a hard-worker and optimist, does her job with vigor and energy; she does, however, forever miss the lush green and tranquility of her glorious forest.

Hey oh! Man, that was some writing! I tried to keep it as short and compact as possible! This character was made for the February Combo Challenge at the Improvement-Club! I had great fun working on this, though school slowed down my time to finish it! I researched female deities and forest nymphs for costume ideas (looked at Egyptian, Mexican, and Greek mythological depictions, to be specific) and found that a great many of them were seductive in nature and had very loose clothing, and decided to incorporate that as a bigger contrast to the snowy scenery.

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Feb 16, 2017
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