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Lack of Direction


Well, cheers if you read the whole thing. I know it was long.

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I was following it until that last long paragraph. Had to google zeitgeist. Still have no idea what it was about. Followed by the short line after it gave me a good laugh.

Q: What to do with your life?
1) Determine what it is that you love doing so much that you would PAY to be allowed to do it.
2) Do it to the utmost of your abilityl. If you love it, do it with respect.

Q: What's for dinner?
1) Whatever is going to let you do what you love to do at your best. Get the picture?

Tips and Tricks:
1) Learn to prioritize. What do you need? That's what gets priority. Can't get what you need? Find something that works better, make something that works better. This is how you win two-fers. Two birds with one stone is the only way to profit. You get to keep the extra stone AND the extra bird.
2) Learn to sort potatoes. Are these big potatoes, medium sized potatoes, or small potatoes? See Tip # 1.
3) Do the hard work. Don't cut corners, don't take the easy route, don't sell yourself short. Everything worth doing takes hard work. But you love it, so the hard work is worth it.
4) Do your research. Yes, you will need to do extensive research (See Tip #3) .
5) Follow the steps laid out in your tutorial (To find tutorial, see Tip #4). Don't skip steps.
6) If you follow all the steps and your tutorial doesn't work, congratulations, you have arrived at the frontier.
7) While exploring the frontier, figuring out how to proceed, take notes of every step you take so that you can find your way back once you've found the way.
8) The closer you get to success, the more stumbling blocks you will encounter. Keep going, find a way around, they are blocking you because you are near the treasure.
9) Watch "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre", so that you will know what to do and how to protect yourself once you win the treasure. Be the old man, he's the only one who knows what he's doing, and the only one that wins out in the end, because he knows how to insulate himself from the crazy young men (Give up the gold, and go save the Indian kid).

Good luck and godspeed. We were all born on an age old battlefield, and this handy guide will help you surive.

Currently existing in a similar state of indecision and uncertainty, I can relate to the general idea, but I think I'm starting to figure a few things out. First, even our elders still have no idea what they're doing. Answers aren't something that come easily, nor are they something that ever stops coming. You can plan all you want, but everyone is, on the most basic level, dealing with life on a day-to-day basis. Even in our basic routines, there are variances that have to be dealt with specifically and uniquely - things you can't plan for. The answers that come are really just "directions," in the end. A general vicinity you feel your life should be aiming for, and you readjust your course in that vague orientation. As you journey, you change, and as you change, so does your direction. There's no "Eureka!" moment that sets everything in black and white. The actual mistake may be believing there is an ultimate goal or purpose for our lives. An "it's the journey, not the destination," sort of thing, if you will. Secondly, time spent waiting and thinking may be more of a requirement than we realize. We feel old because this is the furthest point in our lives, but only so far. Assuming we're smart enough and fortunate enough to continue surviving, we're only going to get older, and though that sounds kind of depressing, it also means we'll have had more time to live and see what works for us and what doesn't. Being fresh out of our teens and with both feet firmly in "adulthood," we may think we're ready to tackle life head-on after the restrictions of youth, but we're actually still young and learning.

The final piece may be to simply not over think everything so much and go with the flow. To put it in the context of this comic, it's all well and good to figure your life out if you can, but if you starve to death because you didn't take a break to go eat, you'll never make it to the future you were thinking about.

Just my take on the whole thing, anyway. Ask me again in a month, and I might give you a whole different answer. So, just take it for whatever it's worth to you.


Great, now I'm hungry.

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