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R-21 "Fang"


A little weapon drawing I just finished recently. Nothing big or fancy, just something for a modding project ( & for myself to practice with).

This gun features Eotech-like sights, a removable clip, and heavy studs for some ruthless face-pounding when the enemy just gets too close.

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this would be the perfect pistol for me

im guessing it's similar to a ak 47 magazine, 5-8 pounds, very accurate and if im in a building i can just throw an empty magazine case a the enemy.

Tommy-Gun responds:

The spike part is actually attached to the gun, but I guess you could be able to do that if I modded this version a little.

Thanks for reviewing!

Cool but....

look awesome but, you should take care while reloding cuz` you`ll probaly make a hole in your hand.

try to make an meele magnum 45. it would be awesome!

Tommy-Gun responds:

I don't really enjoy drawing guns that already exist. In fact, I don't like drawing things that I can simply look at. I think drawing from the mind is just more fun. But, I might make a melee related version of the magnum 45. if I get the chance.

Thanks for the review!

dude,i've seen your other gun.

your tommy-gun is awsome,and this "fang" gun is awsome. I know i've ask you this before but...can make a gun with 1 barrel,kind of like a shot gun but instead of 1 bullet per round extend the ammo cartridge to 8 bullets,with like a chainsaw of a bladed somthing at the barrel.

Next,put like a painting on the side of it.I prefer a "joker" painting if you know what i mean. the name is going to be "joker". Just like the name.

Im asking YOU this because your one of my favorite artists on here.And none of my friends draw guns.

Also,im making a very major flash for school.As a project.the flash name is

The Breakout Conspiracy

So,please help me.I might post it on NG,but im not for sure.

with respect and request

Tommy-Gun responds:

A shotgun with an ammo cartridge (like an ammo drum?) seems like a good idea, I might give that a go. As for the Joker painting, I don't really think I could do that. When I draw my guns, I like to leave the background clean and blank.

Still, I'll see if I can give it a go at least with the gun just by itself.

Thanks for the review as well.

Great Weapon

Very nice concept, but I do have a few questions.
Wouldn't having heavy studs on a clip (looks more like a magazine) be a bit cumbersome? I say if there were to be a melee weapon on this gun, then it should be on the gun itself. Hitting someone with a clip doesn't seem to practical and since its a bit far back on the gun the barrel could get in the way.
Also 2 questions on the reloading mechanism. As you may or may not know the force from the bullet being shot kicks out the bullet casing and reloads another one into the chamber. I see no such mechanism present. I just seem to see a big clunky piece of metal there that seems to be firmly in place. Which brings me to looking down the iron sights. The big piece of metal on the back, wouldn't it get in the way while looking down the sights? I know its a close range weapon but even so, most close range weapons have irons sights themselves.
One more thing to add, usually when I see those magazines (or clip) they are usually facing the other way. But for the reason of putting the studs there it's justified but just in case you needed to know.
I know this is fantasy type gun but drawing fantasy guns require a certain amount of knowledge about guns themselves. By looking at this, I can see you sure do know alot but Just pointing out some of the flaws.(i may be right i may be wrong, who knows?) Despite what I mentioned before, this gun is actually very creative and alot of thought has been put into it. Overlooking the flaws I really like this artwork. Well done.

Tommy-Gun responds:

I'll try to answer as many of these as I can.

The Studs wouldn't be cumbersome, but as for your second question, yes they can be a hard and impractical to use if the barrel got in the way.

The reloading mechanism is inside the gun itself, as to keep the sights in place even when the gun is being fired.

The big piece at the back is more of an Eotech style sights (kind of like a red dot sight from CoD4). The way it works: A laser invisible to the human eye is sent forward by the device underneath the barrel, and the Eotech sights have a special type of glass that can make it visible when looked through. This way, even if the sights are too far up, when you look through the display glass, you should be able to see the exact location of your target.

Thanks for the thorough review. This gun may look like it has many flaws, but it's basically because I didn't take the time to explain it well on this site (I drew this for something else). However, you are absolutely right when you say that the studs may be hard to use if the barrel got in the way. Other than that, I don't see why any part of this weapon shouldn't work.

Of course, it would not be practical in the real world. But I didn't want to make the weapon as realistic as possible. I just wanted something that looked bad-ass and started drawing.

Hopefully, that answered most of your questions.

Ideal weapon of mine :D

*This is the gun I'll use if a lot of zombies are attacking me.

*Sorry for the grammar

Tommy-Gun responds:

Sounds good.

Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2009
10:15 PM EDT
File Info
560 x 300 px
65.1 KB

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