SHW-29 Graveyard


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An SHW-29 (Simulated Human Worker 2029) investigates the disembodied head of one of his fallen kind.


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The background and foreground seem almost completely unrelated, but at the same time it kind of brings the harshness of the foreground event into focus, because while the background's relatively happy you're still confronted with this vaguely violent scene.

The robot design itself is pretty interesting, though the upper half certainly seems a lot more detailed than the lower half, and some of the lines are a little sketchy; some of the pink of the background looks like its made its way onto the very top of the center robot's head, not entirely sure whether that was deliberate or not. I think the shading on the robot itself could definitely have been a bit more detailed; this is what a bigger full size picture would have been useful for, just to give you a chance to have all that potential detail in there. Good piece, nonetheless.

-Review Request Club

Review Request Club

The scene we can see in this picture contradicts the bright and joyful lights in the background. At first I didn't like that too much, but it kind of grew on me the longer I looked at this picture.

It's as if you tried to fool around with the expectations of the ones that look at your work. One might think: "Oh, a brightly coloured background, this must be a picture with a happy atmosphere!"
But instead you confront them with a quite disturbing scene with bodies laying around.
Ok, they might only be robots but this only gets clear if you take a second look at the pic. On the first glance it might as well be a real human in some fancy space suite.

I agree with Coop, though. The lines need some more work, they just look too sketchy right now.

{ Review Request Club }

Tidy this up and we're rolling

I think that you've got a talent for drawing, but it needs more attention to detail, just to take it away from that rough "sketchy" looking finish that you've currently got working. Spend some time zooming in and sweeping over the lines, just to make them more solid and less like you've drawn them five or six times. This way, when you zoom back out, the image will seem to come more into focus, thus presenting a much better piece.

The background is particularly psychedelic and the soft focus works well here, as colours in the sky have a tendency to blend into one another quite nicely. With that sorted, you'd be able to leave some sort of deep message within the piece.

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-Ooh, the setting sun is definitely an eye catcher and it's the first thing that comes up when you go to the page. It would help if all the colors in the background were blended better. They seem to be just a tad bit blotchy in some parts(purple/red).

-The robots have a nice design from what I can tell from the center robot. I'm going to assume that they are all the same model type. Some of the lines are rough and look like you had to go over them several times. It would look so much better with clean outlines and details. The shading also could use some more depth to increase the illusion of 3D.

-Review Request Club


I dig lights (or is it looks more like northern lights?) on the background there. It makes the whole picture come to life and attract viewers more. Great job on that. But I could still sense that you're still keeping lights, shadow, and intensity of colors of characters to minimum. Lines are also sketchy looking to me (It's not a bad thing to be sketchy, but there's a different between sketch and sketchy). Like the other review I've said, try adding some more intensities in light and shadow for your art and drawings like these will have amazing depth of field, like an illusion.

Toki911 responds:

Glad you like it. I really appreciate the review. I'll try doing some more contrasting shades next time.

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Dec 14, 2009
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