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Todays sculpt!


4-5h zbrush.



nice work

this is a very detailed drawing. Im going to start to draw like this since i can draw really well already so i am going to try something new. one last thing.....isnt that the dude who can stretch his body parts in street fighter?

tlishman responds:

Its not a drawing. Its 3d scupt in zbrush. Essencially digital clay. Just to clear things up.

Thanks anyway :)

Kinsei and m1 aren't critiqueing at all...

i mean look at how scrunched the face is? did it suddenly cave in with all the yoga flame overuses?
the head itself doesn't even match dhal at all except for the top tattoo and earrings; although the musculature is spot on nice, the whole thing is somewhat a joke.

please consider reduxing this piece.

and as for you kin and m1 tsk tsk, you guys have gotten soft on the harsh critiquing you used to do back in the day.

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tlishman responds:

Thanks for the honest critique. :)

To be fair, i think myself and you are the only people who are thinking along the same lines. I am not happy with this one in the slightest, and i WILL re-do it.

But then again, this is my take on the character, not a replica. More like Alternative Art than fan art. But yet again, thanks for the honest critique and its good to see there are still some people out there who care more beyond 'hurr durr cool picture'. Thanks.

Awesome Work

I like it, excellent job. But I always figured Dahlsim to have a much more gaunt and boney face.


Again, I love how you re-interpret the characters. Dhalsim originally referenced the Dhali Lama (thus the name), with a more emaciated frame, complete with soft eyes and weak chin. This guy looks like a body-building version, which is different from the game's version.

Then again, Dhalsim was really some dude who would used *yoga* styles to go around beating the crap out of random people including a Sumo wrestler, an Army colonel, a green-skinned mutant, and a Spaniard with 2-foot claws. O_o So, your portrayal is prolly more accurate...

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Dec 6, 2011
8:59 AM EST
3D Art
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