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on and off over a few days. entirely in zbrush with a tad of photoshop after

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i like ya work


This almost entirely a response to VidGameDude.

I don't think the "zbrush makes it too easy" argument is valid at a criticism. As stated, it sounds like your fundamental point of view is "Don't use new technology because it hamstrings your artistry." Meanwhile, 3D art in general is a manifestation of that. A "true" artist knows enough about perspective and perspective distortion that they don't need a computer to calculate light refraction off of polygons for them. This image could theoretically have been made by hand, or even in MS Paint; do we denigrate the entire 3D Art genre because it can be done using other media by "more skilled" artists?

And even within the world of 3D Art tools, I have literally spent *months* trying to make a human face in Blender, and it still looks like a partially melted ugly doll. Blender is pretty fantastic for particle effects, though, and for using simple algorithms on simple shapes to make complex patterns. So I might use Blender for a starship, zbrush for its pilot, and GIMP for post-processing: so what? Certain tools are best suited for certain tasks, like in a kitchen. So if sculpting organics is like chopping vegetables, then Blender is a like carving knife and zbrush is like a ... blender.



i would have been more impressed if you used any other program other than zbrush.
the program itself requires little effort after a 3 week course, after that, you seem professional with everything you submit, i should know, me and a couple of other friends did it and we felt ashamed we could sculpt beauty with simplicity in less than a month that would have taken others years. so we all dropped the program and switched to autodesk applications; hell, even oney on newgrounds took the same time frame course and can sculpt organics like a god.

ill give you credit cause it somewhat resembles a futuristic cyber Venus de Milo.
please try not to take too much offense to this review, but to be honest, in my eyes, people who only rely on tools to get by quicker and greater their whole career are not working hard enough to expand the vast horizons of artistic trials and tribulations.

again i apologize if i have insulted you, some artists out here appreciate the toughness and hard work of low grade tools is all and im quite sure it's a damned mix of selfish pride and stubbornness towards today's pro tools.

the piece itself looks wonderful and you have done a fine job as long as passion was put forth then i give it a 9/10...

tlishman responds:

Honestly, what you say is true. Within a month of ZBrush you can sculpt organic objects efficiently. But in reality what this does is open up your creative horizons even more than restrictive programs like 3DSMax. We are talking about digital sketching, doodling and creative exploration. Why do i rely on ZBrush? Because it enables freedom.

Have i learned how to use 3DSMax? Yes, i have been doing it for years. But when it comes down to creativity, ZBrush wins every time. Its a platform for creativity and creation but with also the ability to create professional standard high quality models for further pipeline work in other toolkits.

In regards to the actual piece, its not my best. Far from it, it lacks composition, better lighting, details and actual believability.

But what ZBrush doesn't teach you is anatomy, composition and form. Those things take months to learn, so don't bash ZBrush as a simple tool. There is so much depth to it.


is the vodka of 2033

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Jan 3, 2012
6:39 PM EST
3D Art
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