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Armus Shinko The Guardian Warlock


The Cross Rip Effect 15 Armus Shinko

Designation Guardian Warlock

Born to The Family of Shinko Or the Order of Faith 

He is 450 years old 

Fit and Athletic he weighs 192 lbs

he has black hair with white streaks 

His eyes are steel Grey but turn solid black when casting strong Chakra Magic

Raised by both his father and mother and granted Both affinities for Defensive and Offensive magic His Mother Granted him the Blessing of Heart Seal an ability to soothe and heal the Injured and grant shielding from further attacks for limited time

His Father granted him the blessing of Reverse Gear an attack that can turn back any enemy Attack be it physical or magical.

As a Magic Wielder his favorite spells are Gear Grind and Power Shift 

he bears a special Gauntlet he forged himself called the Ravens Blessing named so for its power to increase Intelligence and chakra flow But is also masks his Aura from predatory enemies .

He is also a Master Gun Smith as well as bring able to forge weapons from pure Chakra energy 

holds Mastery over Machine and Mechanical repair his motto 

"If it has an Engine Gears and Oil I can Fix it!!"

He is the Only Warlock that can fully utilize Chakra Energy over a wide Spectrum though young he wields his power with care.

If faced with Non Magic wielders he will fight them hand to hand or weapon to weapon 

He is also the Master of the Art of the samurai trained by the Great Tushibu Akuru the most powerful of all the Samurai on the Planet

In combat Only the Alchemist Mage RedThorn can match his speed and ferocity.

when forced to he can summon massive Chakra energy and channel it through his Gauntlet and summon his ultimate armored form Raven Heart this armor covers him and casts protection Chakra over a wide area anyone inside will be both protected and simultaneously healed of all injuries and Illness


Due To a severe incident he held disdain and distrust towards all women 

this occurred in when he was in the City of Folia he was there picking up parts for a very special Vehicle The City came under War Witch attack he of course fought them back but tried not to kill any of them as a Guardian Warlock he would strive to spare the lives of any enemies and avoid Blood shed.

as he was leaving a section of the city to make sure any civilians were safe he heard screams for help coming from an ally way it was a woman thinking she was under attack and would be killed due to the Fact War Witches' captured men alive and murdered any women in the wake of their attacks 

once inside the ally way he found a young blonde girl collapsed on the floor covered in what appeared to Blood as he Approached he found himself surround by armored War Witch Soldiers 

they took him By surprise and Pinned him Down shacking his arms and feet In anti Mana cuffs and chains they spoke to him as if he was Cattle

"On your Feet Breeder stud our Queen wants a word with you.."

He bowed his head and followed but at that moment of being chained and treated like an animal his face became devoid of emotion and His heart began to pound hard as he was thrown at the Queen of this War Witch tribes feet Her Name Kira In'yoku as he was knelt he looked up at her with Defiance his teeth gritted she was Beautiful but her eyes spoke of nothing But Lust and Evil she spoke down to him as if he was nothing...

"Well look at this a perfect Breeder who would have thought we would find a Warlock in this filthy man ridden city tell me you Name not that it will matter as you serve me as my Prized Pet."

Now he was Emotionless his heart felt empty.. for centuries he knew of these women but had never encountered them seeing how he was being treated his eyes turned Black as he began to Chant the Queen smiled as he Did and spoke..."oh how adorable you think your Mana will free you from your chains? no such luck 

stop you struggling and just be my willing Stud I promise you nights of Pleasure your Body has never felt Once I have touched you no other woman will do."

He continued his chant 

"By Strength of will 

by power of Mind 

with all my heart,hope,faith and Love

I call you now the Dark Raven Above

Break My chains and all that Bind 

Remove these bond Sacred 

Gears Grind!!"

with that his Body Glowed and the Chains That held him Broke an fell off he stood up Before the Kira and spoke..

"Men are not your playthings or your cattle I will never let the Likes of you or you kind ever touch me"

The Queen Spoke her voice filled with fear and what seemed like almost excitement ..."What Manner of Man are you you Broke my anti Mana chains h..how...?? Tell me How...for now I know I must have you!!"

Armus only uttered one Phrase before casting another Incantation

'"Not a chance in hell..."

"Uphold uplift

bind my targets in Dark Ravens Grip

grant your blessing 

Drain their Power and and Make them Kneel

Bend and fold and bind like steel 

do not falter do not kill 

spare my enemy

Spare their Lives 

Light And Faith By Hearts Rift

With Mercy and Love let

Power Shift!!"

with Blinding Light all 15 of the Queens Guard And The War Witch herself were bound and weakened in binds of blue Chakra Chains the Queen her self was now Knelt Before Armus 

She spoke as if even More excited by this turn of events she spoke Now as If pleading..

"You Defeated us But you spare our Lives? what do you intend to do to us now that you have us at your mercy"

He stared at the Queen her gaze was now changed to one of Longing instead of defiance Knowing he could not let them run free he chanted one last time....

"By Ravens wings and blessings Light

Return to your Home now Travelers Take Flight"

Kira and her Guards were Transported 300 miles back to there home capital upon arrival the bindsaround them dissipated 

Kira was still knelt shedding tears...Never in her 400 years had she seen a man spare her kinds Life let alone a Queen War Witches' life

One of her Guards ran to her and asked if she was Hurt because she was in tears she could only say this...

"I Want Him...No I need Him...Curse it all I Love him!!"

In the 2000 year History of the War Witch Tribe none had ever felt love for any man...

But that all changed and it what worse the 15 Guards had also fallen under the warlocks spell though he himself did not intend for this to happen. And he was also oblivious of it...

As for Armus he returned to his Home His Heart and soul bearing the scars of being treated like an animal in cage..

From that point he was wary of any and all women 

in his travels after he was contacted by Victoria's OutPost she wanted him to tend to repairs on her Humvees since he was going there anyway to find more parts he needed he accepted the offer she made which was 12000 in cash and room and Board for a week

while there he was often approached by the Lycainus women Vikki Hexx and Nikki Rexx 

But he would not speak to them and avoided them while he was working 

But he Could Not Avoid Victoria for she was after all his employer so they did speak and over time they grew close but he was still wary of women But little at time he began to trust Victoria and Victoria well she was already very much in Love with the Warlock but once the work was done he moved on leaving her only a note and the now coveted Platinum and Onyx Ring..

a year later however they were re united during The War Witch Incident it was then they realized they were meant for one another thus far this is the Tale of the Guardian Warlock...and what became of The Love Lorn Amazon War Witch Queen she once again set out with her Guard but not to attack others But to Find the One That stole her Heart and her honor guards hearts

What Lies Beyond The Cross Rip? 

Only Time will tell

End File 

Kakaider Blackstone 

Kira In'yoku Inspired by NewtypeMo

Nikki Rexx and The RavenCroft Name belong to  Fluffernubber 

Victoria RavenCroft Inspired By  Fluffernubber 

Armus Shinko Inspired By 


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Credits & Info

Waiting for 2 more votes

Dec 30, 2020
1:23 AM EST
3D Art
File Info
2400 x 2375 px
4.6 MB

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