Lei-Sheng the Benevolent


Whew, just in time! I don't know what time zone counts, but I uploaded this at round 23:40 / 11:40 PM, 9th of December here in Norway, so for me atleast I met the deadline. .3.;

Anyhow!... Here's my mediocre addition to the challenge.

Too busy with work 'n all so couldn't really go that far out with it, and regret even shading it in the first place, and that lightning effect is just terrible. Regardless, was better to finish than throw away. Still happy with her design though.

On the topic of that;

I was originally gonna make her wear chinese officer armor from a dynasty around the medieval times, but getting cold feet about wether it'd count or not, instead have her wear something more 'european' instead. She herself is obviously still from China, but has since then moved to what's modern day Germany.

And to keep it short;

Lei-Sheng used to be a captain in the Chinese army, back in the dynasty 'round the 13th century. The only female one at that. Long story.

However slain in battle, she later transformed into a Jiangshi as her soul would not leave her body. Though that huge bat helped her regain her old memories, instead of continuing to be a mindless zombie, and the rotting of her body reversed, though still undead, and therefore immortal.

Already having been a woman beleiving in just actions, she wouldn't let people's fear of her deter her goal to keep monsters at bay from townsfolk and villagers, opting to feed on beasts instead of humans.

Her armor is inspired by gothic armor, and the one from that one Dracula movie, hence the red color and the silly ears. I like how it makes her silhouette look like a bat.

As you can see, she has literal lighting thighs, able to produce shock in her legs, and also bolster the strength of her legs. This causes them to bulge up even bigger, until the power is released in a mighty kick or leap.
In general, she has the strength of 20 men, though her legs having that of 100. The bonus of being a vampire.
Her leg muscles are strong enough to repel sword blows. Besides, she doesn't feel pain, and cutting her head off won't help either.

Also, here's the proof that I did it; http://sta.sh/0gcq2cl2rlc

Aaaanyhow, I don't really see me having any chances of winning, but oh well, was fun to do this one atleast. It let me focus on design rather than finish, for once.

And hey, I got a great character concept out of it!

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Dec 9, 2016
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