Hijacked Hyvemind

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Hijacked Hyvemind

Author Comments

This is my entry for this weeks creature of the week mini-contest on Creature-lovers group on deviantart. Also sharing it here.

This weeks theme is : War Insect

The big creature you see before you is called a Hyvemind. It is actually made out of smaller ant like-insects bundled together as a whole. One insect is not bigger than a regular ant.

There are multiple types of alien ants, each with hes own unique ability. These abilities are useful for protecting and building their hyves.

When threatened by a big creature,and food is in abundace, the ants use their unique abilities to form one big beast.

Here I will describe every ant and it's ability:

A normal worker alien ant. They form more than 90 % of the hyve. These ants build the hyve.

Mass filler:
When food is in abundance and there is a big threat, the neutrals will eat until they become mass fillers. Their primary function is creating mass in the big creature. The more mass fillers, the bigger the Hyvemind.

These are ant soldiers. They usually scout for food and hunt. They place markers for the neutral. The weaponizer can lead big raids.
When creating a hyvemind, the weaponizers clasp on to eachother to form horns and claws.

These ants are 5 times more intelligent than the normal ants. Brains can acces eachothers neurones by sticking their tongue in another ''brain'' ant. They hold on to eachother and function as one big brain when transforming into a Hyvemind. Brain ants will only be produced before forming a hyvemind.

Pheromoners attach to the backs of brain ants. The brain ants give signals to the pheromoners. These signals translate into commands for every single alien ant in the hyvemind. The pheromonersgive these signals to the rest of the ants by producing pheromones.
Acid spewer:
Acid spewers produce a highly effective acid. When hunting, Neutrals can carry Acid spewers on their backs (as a gun).
When forming a Hyvemind, the Acid spewers can attach their head to another Acid spewers behind. The produced acid can then travel through another Acid spewer. Thus, a massive acid spewing organ is produced.

Air creeper:
The air creepers are flying scouts for the colony. They fly over large amounts of land to find food. They place markers for the neutrals.
Their function within the Hyvemind doesn't differ much from their normal activities. In this case, they search for possible enemies.

Silk Spinner:
Silk spinners spin silk beds for grubs. The silk is also used for protective material in the hyve.
When a Hyvemind is damaged (and alot of armorers are lost) the Silk spinners will build a shield out of silk.

Luminators are used to attract other insect (when hunting at night).
Their primary function in a Hyvemind is Intimidation (forming eye like shapes on the front of the ''head'')

Armor provider:
The Armor provider blocks the entrances of the hyve when attacked. They hold on to eachother and form a hard door like structure to block the attackers path
As its name states the armor provider provides armor when forming a hyvemind. They usually attach to weaponizer at the base of the horns and claws.

Hijacked Hyvemind:

A Hijacked Hyvemind is a Hyvemind, altered by humans. After years of research, humans cracked the code of the pheromoners. When controlling the pheromoners, you can give commands to the hyve.

The hyves are bred in labs and overfed. When a hyvemind is needed for an attack or transport, the altered pheromoners are added to the colony. When added, the altered pheromoners give a signal to kill all old pheromoners.

Usually a turret is mounted behind the ''head of the hyjacked hyvemind. The turret is manly used as an anti aircraft weapons.

The back of the hyvemind can be use to transport weapons and raw materials.
End of description.

Yeah, bad English. I'm so srry guys. I hope you understand the concept.

I hope you guys like it!


HAHAHA!! looks like it could be an awsome game with upgrading your hornet! this could be so fricken cool but the gameplay is what realy maters. lol best loading screen! on par with lost kingdoms 1 and 2!


looks evil..... and creepy XD

thomahawk responds:

Thank you XD


i think this is really cool and pretty creative

thomahawk responds:

Thanks man. I had this idea for a long time ;)

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4.55 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2010 | 10:26 AM EDT
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1600 x 937 px
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