What is....THE PORTAL?


2 of my favorite things...or at the least, 2 of SOME of my favorite things....in 1 drawing.


So i did this for a contest that's going on in the forums.....but meh....
....I just enjoyed drawing it....ya know?



Oh....and before it happens.....
If your just giving it a low-score because you see a pony on it.....ill just say it now....
...go fuck yourself, you troll......i drew it because i liked it, so if your gonna low-score me, it better be
a reason for it, you jerk(s).....



EDIT (2):

Took out most of the rage-commentary......im sorry.....



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MAKE A SERIES OFF OF THIS. Imagine this, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy interacting with some of the internets most beloved icons! It would probably be the best thing ever since Season 2 being announced.

TheZen responds:

Ya know, thats not a bad idea power......

I think i will give this a shot in my free time, till then, i hope you do not mind waiting a bit.


Almost psychadelic!

I'm always a fan of good crossovers and NG + MLP is certainly an interesting one at that! The first thing that caught my eyes, aside from the majestic presence of Fluttershy was the wild colors you used to fill the background. While we're on colors, I see the brilliance in your arrangement; Pico's "shadow" is a bold fiery red that reflects his hot-headed and famously violent nature. On the other hand we have the gentle Fluttershy who's foundation is an elegant and shimmering puddle of indigo. But what's to be said of the darkened grass behind her? Hehehe... it's a good thing she'll never run out of love from her fans! Facial expressions are dead on, not to mention Fluttershy's excessive politeness :3

However, the *SMACK* cue seems unnecessary to me since you have lines to indicate the hand's movement directed towards the face, thus being redundant. It's a slight thing but all in all I'm still lovin this. Great work!

TheZen responds:

Hahahaha....dead on, my friend.

In one paragraph, you have said every bit that i was
trying to go for, and i will admit that i could not stop
smiling as i read your review.

Your right, the *SMACK* was a bit over-kill....but i sorta
wanted that as well. Not sure why, but it just felt right
to put it in, even though it did not belong....

At any rate, thank you for your epic review!
I'm glad you like it, and will try my best in making
more ( better? ) pones and such in the near future!


Oh, Fluttershy.

I laughed, Pico and Fluttershy is just one combination that I've never thought to imagine. Now that I have, I'd have to say, it'd pretty much go as pictured.

TheZen responds:

ah, thank you!

Yes, i agree completely! However, i will admit that my first idea
was DAD.....but because he is HUGE and PURPLE and...um...can not talk....
...my NEXT idea was Pico.

THANK YOU for your kind words and good review!


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Aug 19, 2011
1:48 AM EDT
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