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Mutant Bellsprout w/ Gasmask

I really love the look of this piece; very abstract, yet farmiliar...

The color choices in this one are awesome, and the x's over the eyes of the Bellsprout creature thing were a nice touch! Kinda reminds me of peering inside of a trippy lava lamp.

Things that bothered me a tad:
- The color transitions in the Background were a bit obvious; I would have like to see smoother color transition in the background for a "More Abstract" feel/
- The lines around your Bellsprout creature were a bit shaky in a couple spots

Besides that though, very nice work my friend :]

-Review Request Club-


Well this was an interesting minimal art styled piece I think. I just see a few shades of blue and some black line work is all on this one which is not too awful bad anyways. The x on the eyes kind of make me think of bellsprout as well.

The shades of blue make me think it might be near water or just laying atop of water and just floating on to a new place to rest and grow into a bigger Pokemon. Nice bit of artwork though. Very nice.

Overall, simplistic.

Review Request Club

Weird to say the least.

Like I said, Weird. not bad though.

I'm not going to lie, I thought of Bellsprout when I saw this, but looking at the "head" I can see how Coop would see Zoidberg or Cthulu.

I like the color scheme, but there is room for imrovement. For example, I don't know if you were going for the pixelated edges, but they look jagged and don't complement the pic as mch as smoother edges would.

Still though, not bad. I like it.

<Review Request Club>

Is that a Bellsprout?

I'm pretty sure it's an organism at least, with its eyes.
It looks quite funny. The abstract-ness works well in this picture: while I immediately think of a bellsprout, Coop immediately thinks of a Cthulhu.

In that sense, this picture is perfect. It lets you think about it, and that is what I think you want us to do, if I look at your comments (Release your mind).

The drawing isn't great, but not too bad either.. The background is fine, though done a bit fast (I think). The plant (?) itself looks fine. A bit wierd, with one "arm" that looks like a crab's pincer, and no other arm. But since wierd isn't a bad thing in this picture, it's not a point of improvement.

Overall it's not spectacular, but perfect in its own way. And although that sounds kind of philosofical, it's a great piece of art.

Not bad

Okay, so this piece seems to have a "pixelated" look to the edges of the curves - you could certainly stand to smooth these out a little, as it would make the image look a lot better, without all that much effort. This is especially prominent in the zoomed in version, though there is little difference in the size.

I like the colour scheme and the subject matter - this looks like a cross between Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama and Great Cthulhu from Lovecraft. All that is missing is a white set of headphones and the illusion of the classic iPod adverts is complete.

I think that this shows a good deal of potential, though I'd like to see it tidied up a bit, to help the realisation of said potential.

[Review Request Club]

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4.10 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2011
9:18 PM EDT
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640 x 512 px
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