Basically some work with anatomy mixed with a cartoonish style.

Made in MS Paint (i nedz da fotosheep)

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I like this picture and reminds me of monologues wherein there's a picture and a person who's talking in the foreground, using the picture to explain. I also applaud you for the fact that you did this all in MS Paint.
So, let's see in detail!

The facial expressions are pulled off very well, and I guess that some parts of the face were exaggerated, kinda like a caricature, just to promote the "cartoonyishness" in the picture of the person. The fact that you can see his eyebrow is tilted down, wrinkles surround the area near his forehead and his eyes are bulging out just show how angry he is.

The half-mask is supposedly to hide his mouth and part of his nose, but I see you've added the nose, but tinted it the color of the cloth, and added some creases so as to make it look as if it's protruding out. Clever. I just don't see the same with the mouth though, there's supposed to be a faint mouth outline even though he's wearing a mask. The ears are not obvious enough even though their outline can be seen, only half-covered by the mask.

The muscles of the neck kinda remind me of MindChamber's level icon. There's some bare skin underneath just near the chest, but I don't know what it is. Is it intentional? Unintentional? If intentional, is it a fist? A torn part of cloth? What is it? I want to know more!

The hair drawn on the person is smooth, and just slightly tilted, as if to show a wind blowing by from the right. Lighting is appropriately fixed at so that the center of his face is brightest and the parts away from it is duller.

Now about the picture.

The picture in the background shows an open dungeon of a sort, with a cave or a hidey-hole in the wall and part of a monster's head stuck out, and the rest enclosed in total darkness. Unlike the person, the picture in the background is relatively simple, and not a lot of detail is given there, but I can infer from that that it's probably a desert, and was it [not enough detail] intentional?

There's a thought text just outside the background, saying "Hmm..". Interesting....is there a story behind it that I may not know about? All in all, a good picture, and more so that it's done in Paint. I'd love to know what you could do with Photoshop (Or is it fotosheep? :p)

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Nice detail given to character
2) Appropriate lighting
3) Appropriate exaggeration given for cartoony style

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Ears hidden, almost invisible
2) What's that thing at the bottom?
3) Lack of detail for background (Was it intentional?)

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Not bad at all :D

If you can do work like this in paint, I can't even imagine how great your Photoshop/ Tablet work will be :]

This picture is pretty great, and I can really appreciate all the little details that you chose to incorporate into it! The colors in this also look very nice, and the shading isn't half bad :}

if I could change anything though:
- The background looks like it could have used a bit more attention
- The text above the picture doesn't really seem to fit the color scheme of everything else around it

Besides that stuff though...
Very nice work!


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Well it looks like he is getting ready to be in a battle of sorts against someone or something that possibly does not like him in the least simply for being there. Very nice work on this art though. Looks kind of like a still frame from a cartoon to me at least.

The facial expression being partly covered keeps him mysterious to everyone. The background and the door give a feeling that he must battle to leave the place in one piece which is pretty cool to see here anyways. Very nicely done artwork at least.

Overall, very nice art piece.

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Not bad for Paint!

Not the best piece of art here, but really good for the program you're using.

I like the attention to detail you gave this and it looks like you spent alot of time on this.

Also, it's no Photoshop, but try GIMP if you can't afford Photoshop. It'll definitely get the job done.

My only critique is that the top of the nose is a little lumpy looking and the bottom is a tad bit too wide. Not bad though.

Good job and I hope you try other programs in the future!

<Review Request Club>

Interesting concept

I've got to ask why we have a guy in a polo neck sweater in some sort of high fantasy / ancient Rome setting, with what looks like it could be an arena or a dungeon of sorts and an ominous head looming out of the shadows.

I like the attention to detail with the brickwork and yes, once you get photoshop, you will be able to produce much more impressive pieces of work. Concentrate on rounding off the edges, but in photoshop, this will be a lot easier.

That said, your attention to detail on the face is incredible - the only thing I can't see is the sweat - perhaps make him more of a focus, by giving us more of the character to see - at least the torso and the hands, as opposed to just a bust.

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Aug 13, 2009
8:56 PM EDT
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