Kris Wounded


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Kris was out walking in the forest, just to relax in the autumn watching the leaves turn colours.
In one of her few relaxing moments, her tail swaying as she was humming to herself, when there was a sudden impact.
Staggering forward as she looked down and saw the arrowhead sticking out of her chest, blood was dripping down the tip, while she squealed like an animal staggering forward a few more steps, she put her hand on the side of a tree panting in shock and surprisingly very little pain when she squeals as a 2nd arrow slams through her body sticking in her.
Staggering along as she shakes there trembling more and more she moved along groaning as she looked around, when she heard and felt the 3rd penetrating her.

It Knocked her off her feet this time as she landed on her side groaning there panting on the ground before she got up to her knees panting more and more looking up as she finally sees the man walk out from around the tree. Hes wearing a bright orange blazer and camo under it with a modern bow. He looked at her blinking while finishing off a beer can and tossing it aside.
Kris got up and started to move away from him as fast she could, staggering, leaning against trees. She heard the bow being drawn back and then another arrow entered her body. She fell on all fours whimpering there trembling more and more, trembling as she felt herself start void into her pants as she stayed on all fours panting trying to gain control as she slowly started to crawl forward.


5 star 4 the art,
but that's really all.


oh shit dude!

very well done and no i don't find it disturbing not one bit i really don't know why but i like seeing the sites of Pain,Misery,blood and etc it always makes me happy no i don't find it werid or creepy at all
cause idk what is creepy and what is werid

you are one sick minded person with too much talent and time. we have to have tea sometime. good art

It's great but it makes me feel sick...
With it she reminds me of my favorite furry
Great art but yeah...
BTW where is she from? if you thought her up yourself respect man i'd like to see more of here every once in a few months if you'd do it ;D

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Apr 21, 2012
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