Demonic Sister Rape


"But a slut like you wouldn't feel heart broken over a cock breaking you apart...noooo we need something more to make you squirm yes?" Stocking questioned her sister as she grasped a hold of her wings in two of her muscled arms. "A special treat for the 'sister' that stole from me...that yelled at me, put me down about my looks..."

Panty tried to struggle under the fierce unyielding grip of her monstrous sister four brutish arms. Her angelic form had suffered such an assault that even the righteous and holy garb of Mary had tore and broken under the crazed power of her reborn sister, the being that had once been an angel and holy maiden of the blessed heavens like herself. The two had sworn to battle ghosts and the forces of evil so that they might one day return to the heaven that cast them out...but those days seemed so far ago compared to the current hell the Maiden of Mary found herself living

The huge demonic figure leaned forward to whisper to Panty's ear, words carrying from her lengthened pierced tongue with a sickening sweetness filled to the disgusting brim with malice. "The fucking hypocritical bitch that stood against me when I learnt to love another."

Stocking didn't want to believe what was happening, indeed her brain had tried to shut itself down to prevent this traumatic nightmare from being proven real. It only wanted to remember the sweet times together...the many men she had conquered and thrown away, the ghosts Stocking and herself had battled and the amount of times they had put those two demon bitches in their place.

Yet it screamed warnings to her now, yelling at her to take flight...to fight back before it was too late...to redeem her fallen sister.

But it was silenced even as Panty regained her voice.

A scream of biblical proportions tore apart her throat even as what had been her blessed sister tore apart her vagina with her demonic phallus and tore her right wing clean out of its socket with one foul wrenching sound.

The thing that had been Stocking could only snicker in humour at this sound as she casually tossed the broken pinion to one side and grasped the limp arm of her miserable angelic sister. Her demonic cock had sunk deeply into Panty with ease and the tightness was so fucking amazing that she could almost shiver with pleasure. "Angels are meant to protect love sister? Remember that fool Garter said that once? Well you stood against my love...so now...I'm going to MAKE YOU LOVE ME."

Panty tried to find words in her mind to speak hoping desperately to pierce through her dry and torn throat to freedom, but only tears continued to flow in response...and then she felt the grip tightening on her other wing and knew the pain that was to come.

"Doesn't it feel so good and tight?" She asked her sorry excuse of a slutty sister, as her hips thrust violently against the loose bitches pussy, streams of demonic cum already blasting their way so freely into the pitiful bitch Stocking wouldn't be surprised if she already had demon spawn churning inside of her.

<What a delightful thought> She sneered as she watched her sister's body go into into convulsions of pain and pleasure beneath her.

As the cacophony of unholy lust fuelled shrieks were eventually mixed with the tormented sobs and screams for mercy, the stunned onlookers some of the few pathetic survivors of the carnage that tore the former Danton city apart stared in fear and awe. Some looked on dumbfounded at the unbelievable sight before them whilst others began offering up chants of sycophantic praise towards the newly crowned mistress of the hellish landscape.

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Omg great story and pic <3 <3 nicee!!!!

Hmm... very nice, i just don't like mucular women...
5/5 for Panty tho.

I love that show.

Quick, somone throw a candy bar!

real fuck

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