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A 'Pet', something that grants its owner comfort from the depressions the world can produce, company to combat the loneliness of the uncaring society and the pleasing nature of pride that comes from pedigree and the knowledge of how unique your pet can become..some say only the poor have need of such things...yet the rich too take pride in their pets...even more so then most realise.

Four months ago this young man's pet died and though he mourned her loss greatly, he knew that he could not live without the companionship that pets granted him. Calling in one of his friends that worked in the industry he requested that a unique and wonderful pet be crafted just for him...something to fill the gap in his heart when his old beloved had died.

After handing him a list with a wink and a smile, his friend had told him to select three beautiful women and that he would make a gift worthy of his love.

A ravishing blonde, a sultry red head and a tantalising raven haired set of beauties were chosen from a list of some of the most beautiful women the world had to offer and as he confirmed his choices a single phone call was made...and one by one the women disappeared from their lives...there would be no finding them, the rich had their ways and the world would ignore those with the power

His friend then told him. "Be patient...you will be proud of your brand new pet shortly."

A few weeks later within a private cargo container his new pet arrived at his island retreat and the first thing that came to his mind as he saw her conjoined form crawl painfully out of the only place she had know as home for weeks was how amazingly beautiful she was.

The blonde forming the head, had the beauty of the red head and raven haired goddess sown to her so expertly that they almost seemed like one angelically beautiful being...and it entranced him so how the hips, arms and thighs worked as one to shuffle around the glistening sweat from her body oozing erotically all over her form even as three genitals swelled with heat and embarrassment under the amazed eyes of her new master.

Whilst the first few weeks had been a trial, for the pet was not accustomed to her surroundings and often whimpered or cried its confusion. The master patiently taught his simple minded play thing of her new role in his life and day by day despite their many trials and mishaps master and pet had become closer.

Thought she often reminded him of his last pet whom his heart still yearned for the master knew he could not let his new pet suffer merely because of his nostalgia...and maybe she noticed it as well for in those coming days she too tried her best despite the pains she endured with her new body to become his ideal pet.

A mere three months later he officially declared her worthy of being his and showered her with the gifts of tasteful gold that mark the truly honoured amongst his stable, she beamed with pride through the pain as her body was gifted time and time again with trinkets of design to mimic her precious beauty. Soon there after a gathering was called so that he might show off his new treasure.

Though she did tear up in embarrassment as the eyes of many pets and master's watched her perform the mere simple task of fetching her master's morning paper, the remarks of praise for her obedience and admiration of her beauty reached her master's ears and he reminded himself with a smile brimming with pride that later that night...she would once again feel the pleasure of his affections.

description by Sorrowborn

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-dies from a nosebleed- >.< damn it not again

This reminds me of tht episode with south park lol :P

Ha ha ha I only know about the movie cos beabis and butthead talked about it in an episode

the 2nd movie was pretty messed up,
haven't seen first one

wow i just saw this movie a couple of days ago... great art !

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Jun 24, 2012
1:52 PM EDT
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