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Alliance Bitch


Commission and description by Scryerofsouls

Excerpts from the log of Dr. Brenton Trifety, Alliance Psychological Warfare.

Initial diagnosis: Subject 004 has proven resistant to all current forms of "information gathering" techniques in use in the Alliance. Due to her unique physiology among the captured Horde forces, I recommend experimental treatment over termination.
Entry One: Subject 004, known as Maitria, received her first doses of the mind altering drug, and placed into a cage with the other dogs. The drugs seemed to have taken, and if proven successful Maitria's mind should be erased and she should believe she is nothing more than a common bitch.
Entry Two: The subject is still resisting the treatments, and has had to be chained down to ensure accurate study. On a positive note, the subject exhibits certain canine qualities during intercourse.
Entry Three: The subject's mind has degraded at a rapid rate. It has only been a week since initial treatment and Maitria has already lost all ability of speech, upper cognitive functions have also degraded considerably. She also now openly accepts daily mountings from the studs without protest.
Entry Four: The drug continues to impress. The subject is exhibiting unexpected side effects. Something in her mind has allowed a change in her body. It appears the subject has been impregnated by the other dogs in her kennel, a feat that would be impossible under normal circumstances for her species. This result is truly remarkable!
Final Entry: The tests have exceeded all expectations; the subjects mind has been completely changed! The subject's mind is now identical to any bitches mind in all clinical tests. The adaptations made though in the Elven form are astonishing. When pleasing the dogs, the bitch uses her new appendages to better please her suitors. I believe it is time to take her shackles off and let her into the general population. Mass production will begin immediately of the new drug, hopefully it will prove to be a valuable weapon in the Alliance's war against the Horde!

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not really diggin the but lickin thing but tha anal makes up for it.

I'd still fuck her

i like it, but as always, i point out things like...
the dog not having eyes, claws, and the fact that the dog on the right would probobly be humping her head, i know my dog would. lol

>_> <_< >_> <_< Psst... I clicked on the beastiality tag your the only artist that came up... -_____-

why do the dogs have 2 sets of nads?

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Apr 25, 2012
10:52 PM EDT
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