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Stellar Dragons' (Macro) Eating Contest



This is Hdsfouasjhd, reporting for Qrrbrbirlbel News. We have an update from our outdoor news reporter, Aasdjklashoh, after the destruction had settled. So, what's going on so far out there?


Thanks, Hdsfouasjhd. Well, we're here right at the scene of the destruction, after the storm had calmed.

What we're seeing here are two "Stellar Dragons", dubbed "Polaris" and "Sirius". They are seen relaxing after a rampage they went through together, and it seems like their stomachs must be quite full. It's hard to tell if they're related to each other, but it seems to be that they were talking about an eating contest. And given the circumstances, the yellow one isn't stopping anytime soon.

...wait, what's going on? It seems Polaris is shifting positions, but his eyes are-

Wait, the yellow one's spotted us! His hand's approaching us! WaIT, OH MY GOD, STOP IT, DON'T EAT US, OH MY GOD THE TEETH ARE CLOSING IN-



Great, we just lost Aasdjklashoh and the outdoor crew. Well, the city's on lockdown until further notice. This is Hdsfouasjhd, reporting for Qrrbrbirlbel News, and we'll be right back.


Meanwhile, outside, the two Stellar Dragons are seen near the climax of their eating contest. Sirius was already full, and belching, with pink smoke seen coming out his throat. "Slowing down so soon? I'm already ahead of you by 20!", said Polaris, as he was swallowing up a bus. It's not clear how the two got to this place, but one thing was for sure: They're there to have some fun, after all~


Yeah, this one took some time to get posted (and getting a description written), but man, this was well worth it!

Stellar Dragon Species and Sirius © SplendidScales

Polaris is me~

Art by eskaria145

Original: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39570763/

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Dec 12, 2020
10:52 PM EST
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