You don't matter. Worry.


This took like 2 days to finish, and i'm so glad i'm done working on it. i kinda tried a new "Style" where i limit the amount of colors i use and try a bigger resolution instead of a smaller one. i also think i destroyed some bits of the anatomy.

So anyway, you may be thinking, "What's this drawing's meaning?" and the thing is, at first glance this might seem like some ordinary Christmas drawing with a Vaporwave background (It kinda is, btw) but in reality, this drawing's supposed to be about a guy who's a bit upset over the fact that his birthday "doesn't matter as much" because it's in the middle of Christmas. in fact, everything else matters a lot more. hence why i've decided to add so many random things into this drawing to emphasis more on the fact that "There's more important shit going on right now." also, i was born on the 28th of December so i know what this feels like. :P

As for this drawing's name, then it's a reference to this genius image :

As for the Japanese text, it means "Congrats!/おめでとう!"

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this drawing!

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Beautiful! I love the shading, but I've already mentioned that on plenty of your pieces. The vaporwave background is my guilty pleasure of being a tumblr queen lol xD the anatomy is bit off, but it works together with colours and the oldschool look that this piece gives me.
Also, I'm super happy that I don't have birthday on 24th and happy birthday in advance!^^
Keep up the good work <3

GHXULERS responds:

Thank you. <3
Glad you like the vaporwave background, i'm kinda the same btw, except for that i'm not much of a Tumblr queen, just really obsessed with vaporwave, lol. also yeah, i'm not very proud of the anatomy tbh, and i'm not even sure how 15 minutes of "Sketching" lead to whatever this thing is supposed to be.
Also, thanks. i will <3

I had a friend from whose birthday is on Christmas Day. For him, it was basically a regular Christmas, except there was more of a focus on him. Plus, he had cake along with a bunch of holiday candy. It didn't seem like he minded it all that much, though I bet his parents called him their "little Christmas miracle." I know that's what I would do if I was his dad. I would embarrass the shit out of him!

I'mma call this fellow 'Sadta Claus,' cause of his frowny face.

Oh, that's right! Your birthday is on the 28th! For some reason, I kept thinking of that date, so when I was asked when I wanted to use my personal day for the end of this year, the 28th kept popping up in my mind, so I chose that. Guess that explains it. I wish I had something to give ya this year, LLT. I'm sorry. :(

GHXULERS responds:

I guess he's just used to celebrating his birthday on Christmas or something. also, i'd the same tbh, pretty sure any parent would. who knows? his parent probably actually call him their "Little Christmas Miracle" but he just doesn't admit it because that's embarrassing to him.

Lol, that's actually really clever. consider this his official name.

But in all seriousness, don't worry about it.
I know why you can't give me anything, and i think it'd be selfish of me to expect you to give me something despite these said reasons, which i personally think matter more than my birthday or Christmas. so no need to apologize, i completely understand! :)

I like the picture and after I read your comment it made more sense, because I was wondering, why you write おめでとう at the top. On can use that in combination with christmas to say Merry Christmas but its very unusual, it is more used for birthday. So I wondered.

Now it makes sense. I also have my birthday in december but fortunately at the start of the month so it wasn't that bad. But I already felt that "dont spend so much in the birthday, we still need for christmas" thought at my parents minds (-.-) But well... thats in the past.

I like the picture. The textcolor is a bit too color intense for me and doesnt fit well in the background. Allover a little coolor backgroundcolor could support the depressive mood he is in a little better. Everything else is really nice. I like his face impression and all. It's obvious that he is very uncomfortable with the situation, which is an important part for me.

GHXULERS responds:

Glad to hear that, thanks for the review!
Also, the "おめでとう" was like the only thing i drew that had something to do with "birthdays," and even still, i wrote it in Japanese to give off the impression of that "not even someone wishing you happy birthday sounds like someone wishing you a happy birthday" because most people might not understand it nor even think about associating this phrase with someone wishing you a happy birthday. i'm glad someone actually understood what it means though!

Sorry to hear that btw :( but hey, at least your birthday isn't on the 28th, which would be 120% worse. either way, hope you had fun on your birthday, and hope you're having some pretty good holidays!

Also yeah, you're right. the text should have been a bit "Darker/Less intense" and should have had a color that blends with the background properly. also i agree, now that you mention it, it would have been better if i made the background dimmer or used a different, less "Lively," color to emphasis on the character being upset.

Anyway, thanks for the review and feedback!

I sure am happy I have my birthday just about as far away from Christmas as possible. :) Actually know a couple people who's birthdays are ON Christmas Eve - can't imagine what that's like, really! Sad times. As for this piece it looks good, though pants look a bit off, and that beard... a bit bubbly? :O Like it's made of styrofoam or something. Not sure pink/purple on bright red is the optimal combo for the text, but apart from that: does look good! Polished character work overall, and with the description: it all makes sense. Hope you're having some pretty happy holidays regardless!


GHXULERS responds:

Haha, trust me, you have no idea how lucky you are. :P
Also yeah, the pants were the most confusing part of this entire drawing. i couldn't tell if they were too small and needed to be wider or the opposite, nor if the shading was done correctly or not. as for the beard, i kinda wanted to make it look like some awful cotton beard i saw a while ago. it looked like someone just dipped cotton in glue and i felt like it would be perfect for this drawing. as for the text color, then yeah, you're right. now that you mention it, it would have been better if it was red. also yeah, my holidays are pretty alright, thanks for the review!

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