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So, i'm pretty sure some of you are wondering "HOLY SHIT BRUH, what happened to your art style? where's the pixels?" and yeah about that, i felt like doing something else tonight with my free time, i basically went back to something that i used to do a long time ago, which is draw "anime". this used to be a bit of a hobby of mine and i used to draw and sketch a lot of stuff in this "anime" style that was actually a lot more horrible than this, and at some point in the past, i kinda stopped trying to go for an anime style and decided to go for my "own" style, not sure why i stopped completely though, it used to be a lot of fun doing something that takes little to no effort compared to what i do now but still somehow get some pretty good results in the end. so i thought to myself "Why not do this again right now?" so i started listening to one of my favorite songs from back then :
And basically, started feeling a bit "nostalgic" and decided to simply draw some girl crying because i'm horrible at "crying faces" and tears and wanted to test my skills out after not doing this for so long. and well, it was a lot more fun to draw this stuff than my usual pixel art for some reason, probably because it reminds me of those times where life wasn't so stressful and where everything was just more bearable, where i was even more "Happy" to be completely honest, now i'm just so tired and stressed and i'm feeling like shit all the time, it's like one day i just woke up to a life where i live in a constant state of pain and sadness.

Anyway, aside from the depressed and tired ramblings, i probably won't be doing much artwork anymore, thanks to these "sources of stress" i currently have to deal with, so this might be the last thing you'll see from me for now. anyway, thanks for viewing, hope you like this little doodle of mine.


This is pretty good i didn't know you could draw anime ^_^
i hope i can see more of that as well i would love to see you do more drawings like that.

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TheOverGhoul responds:

Me neither tbh, lol, i used to just draw stuff that vaguely looked like anime, now i tried it again after a while of not drawing in this style and i actually did something less horrible than my drawings about a year or two ago. i really have no clue how did this happen but yeah, it just did i guess. thanks btw!

This is just great , you should definitely do more artworks like this ! I like it very much!

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TheOverGhoul responds:

Thank you!

That drawing looks pretty good!
And I like your taste in music!

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TheOverGhoul responds:

Thanks bruh!

dont be sad man there is always light at the end of the tunnel

TheOverGhoul responds:


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