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Kinda wanted to practice perspective and, yep... need more practice.

Anyway, i kinda wanted to draw something like some random hallway with some "Neon" colors, and because i didn't want to destroy this drawing a lot more than this, i went with a bit of a "simple" style, because i felt like a lot of detail on a drawing with a pretty "Wacky" perspective would kinda ruin the whole thing, so yeah, sorry about that tbh, hope you enjoy this drawing though.


I really love this

The colors are vibrant and the perspective is very nice and the different use of color is great it's like an old computer style but still I thaught you did well just needs some small polish some shine maybe even a focus point or character in this but regardless of all that this is now one of my faves and I enjoyed reviewing this so nice work indeed

Some shine some focus point


TheOverGhoul responds:

I agree, i should have polished this more. when i was doing this, i felt like i shouldn't do that because the "awful" perspective would destroy it, same thing with adding a character or anything "Special" really. but i'll keep that in mind next time. thanks for the review, glad you like it!

Nice room! I like the colours :)

A nice hallway! It's got the setting of a game (as I guess it's meant to). The light green areas look a bit odd/off though. Is that supposed to be water? Just a random shape? Otherwise: nice!


TheOverGhoul responds:

Wasn't really trying to give a setting of a game but, it just ended up like that, lol. also, it's supposed to be a carpet, but tbh, i wish i made it into some kinda pool, that would have been a lot better.

Also, sorry about the late response, i didn't get a notification for this review for some reason...

reminds me a little of those pixel games which I really like :)
It looks cool , I like those colors and yeah :) practice makes perfect

TheOverGhoul responds:

Thanks, homie!

Reminds me of a few of those first-person dungeon crawlers that were common during my childhood. The colors also give it a similar look to that NES game of Friday the 13th, though that may be primarily due to the purple and blue appearance of Jason.

Hmmm, I wouldn't mind playing a TightLitan retro dungeon crawler.

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TheOverGhoul responds:

Yeah, i was kinda going for a NES style initially with this color scheme but then i felt like "Yeah... let's just go wild and do whatever it is that would make this look better" and then this color scheme happened. also, i kinda always wanted to make one of those, i mean, i have Game Maker (Thanks a lot, btw) and it simplifies the process of making one of these games so much to the point where you have so little work to do. there's even a video tutorial on how to make a dungeon crawler online :

But anyway, i haven't made one so far because i still don't know much about 3D and can't think of a good idea for a 3D video game that won't take anymore skill than what i already have.

Thanks btw!

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Sep 13, 2017
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