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I tried drawing some "anime thingy" with a mouse, and honestly... i'm not very proud of the result. i guess i'll stick to pen and paper whenever i feel like drawing something "Anime-ish."


ey, for making it with mouse, it's great!
Srsly it's even better than stuff I do using drawing tablet! xD
I'm also kinda into this pixel line look, so yep - great job as always!<3

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Ghoulers777 responds:

Thanks! <3

Wow! Great job!

Ghoulers777 responds:


It looks pretty good. Part of the problem when trying to do things with a mouse though is it depends a lot on your exact mouse, on OS mouse-related settings, and on the exact specific drawing or graphics program you are using, as well as settings within that program.

Seriously just trying different programs can yield vastly different results. Or changing mouse-related OS settings. Or changing the exact mouse you use.

So you really need a perfect combination of exact mouse in use + OS-specific settings + specific drawing program + mouse-specific settings within that program itself. Doesn't look the way you want? Play around with the exact combination of all of the above.

And if it makes you feel any better I still haven't gotten it the way I like on modern machines. I remember back in Windows 3.0 days you could just draw in the paint type program that came with those machines, and with the ball mice which were prevalent back then, and it would overall come out pretty good.

They try to get too fancy over the years and it just ruins things. Sub-pixel rendering? Don't want it. "Clear"Type? Don't want it. Mouse sensitivity through the roof so that no matter how straight you drag, it becomes this awful zig-zag mess? Again, that's bad for freehand.

And you can always shift-drag or whatever the equivalent in your graphics program for making straight lines, but that's no good for making curves freehand. Which yes you could do Bezier curves instead of freehand but again it's missing the point. Point is back on an old Windows 3.0 computer with a very basic two-button ball mouse, you could freehand just about anything and it'd look good. Not so on modern machines.

Ghoulers777 responds:

Damn... i kinda wish i could draw 'that' nicely with a mouse. things seem a bit more annoying these days...

You usually don't draw things digitally?! So far I feel like pretty much all your character artworks have had at least a semblance of this anime style, though it's definitely an anime trademark kind of character with this one. She doesn't seem all that happy, the forehead bulks to the right and the nose feels a bit off, but otherwise the form's really good IMO. She looks a bit like Wendy from FMA.


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Ghoulers777 responds:

Yeah, i usually draw stuff like that on pen and paper and avoid doing this stuff with a mouse. mostly because the result isn't as "nice." also, yeah, i've noticed that too. i guess i have an "anime-ish" art style or something. sorry about the forehead and nose btw, i didn't feel motivated enough to fix those when i was working on this. also, she kinda does look like her now that you mention it.

Thanks for the review btw!

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Apr 5, 2018
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