Different eyes


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If you looked through different eyes, maybe you'd understand

not sure about this one, was more of a quick inkwash based on a pre dream


Congratulations on the front page Linda, you've made me proud, though I still think that blue baby print you did is your best piece :)

Simple but unique, I'm really happy your getting some recognition!
With love,
- Celx

linda-mota responds:

I'm really surprised this made frontpage! This was a quick test inkwash based on some stuff. This is a nice surprise.

Basquiat meets Goya in an uneven, monotone, compositionally unsound slap to the eyes. It's about time Newgrounds earned an artist that cranks actual substance into their work. I love this, every aspect of it. Fives all around.

linda-mota responds:

Aha! Goya! Love his stuff! You are very generous with your review I'm honored to have frompage! Wow this is great! Thank you!

A skinny male alien standing in front of a larger female alien both riding a surfboard. Being aliens, they are slightly transparent.

this is dope

God8010's idea was funny, and it may be completely true, but i will state my own opinions as to the meaning of this picture. the idea that you actually see two beings in a dream at the same time is usually meaning that you had some kind relation betwixt the two. The mind works in snapshots when its in a dream, only looking at broad pictures while leaving out big details. The eyes could have been the connection between the two, it would have most likely not have been you because your mind effectively recognizes faces other than yourself, unless you study yourself in the mirror eighteen hours out of the day. The beings are not aliens. As general opinions go we don't envision aliens with ghost like portrayals or with man boobs and nipples (unless you watch Star Trek or play Mass Effect). The general ideal of the media is a non sex type that either seems threatening and robust or meek and Innocent. The forms in the picture are rather given to meet any feelings or remembrances of the people. One is fat and rather silly looking while keeping a stern face even when they have been distorted in your mind. The other is week and is possibly incapable of working easy tasks do to his lack of hands, but also keeps the stern face, unmoved because he knows that his mental prowess counts. They're both strong so their eyes meet to seek the same method, to find their own way of coping with human defects. These are your friends or loved onces. Or you may have just watched E.T, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind in the same night before going to bed.

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Jul 10, 2013
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