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suckin some gumballs


So i'm going to start making some gifs now. I don't know if they'll be regular or not but I do enjoy making them. I'll add shading to my next one because I didn't use the proper technique this time. anyway, here's fiona sucking gumball's gumballs

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She's fucking adorable

I swear this resembles an animated Noill sketch of Nikki, right down to the finger movement. Please credit the original image when you reference heavily.

That being said, your additions are really good, and Fionna looks like Fionna. If it's a learning experience, I don't mind that you're learning from the best, just please credit those references!

Theolebrazen responds:

Hey there nulcul. Yes I do really love noills stuff and I do love the animations he makes, and that particular animation did inspire me, but at the same time a lot of other things influence me as well. I do agree that this piece does look like his in a lot of different ways because I did use his animation as reference, but I did do the this off of my own back. I dont really know what i'm trying to say here but I guess i'm just trying to say that everyone who makes things is inspired and references lots of different things and that's just how it is. i'm sure your stuff has been inspired by people you havent credited too ( i'm not pointing fingers everyone does it).
a lot of things reference things very heavily but that really isn't a bad thing and I don't think it's something you can be called out for doing.
As the great egoraptor said, everything you make is going to look like the stuff you like until you find your own style, Im just yet to find that style when it comes to animation
Thanks for the comment though, It's great to see someone who has a lot of respect for nsfw stuff.
(PS I'm still only like 16 so everything I do is for learning purposes only not for money or attetion)

Listen hear, i've scoward the internet lookin for grage a flash videos, and you sir, got the animators gift, so don't you fucken dare quite, see this through, and i'll do all in my power to support you... Once i get a job.

this is really friggn good dude, i just think you should include a little ball sucking ;)

Adventure Time, come on /grab your friends/ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

SO. The animation is fluid as fuck, dawg. The art's pretty good too. It's got this cute style to it that works even when it's pornographic. Hell, that dick looks pretty cute too, something I don't normally say. Anyways, the colors were nice and didn't actually need any shading at all, so kudos on that simplicity, bub.
The only real problems are in the animation itself though. Fionna does this weird thing with her hand that doesn't look right, most people don't rub the leg too. And I feel as though her head jumps back a little too quickly, like one or two extra frames may have been necessary. That or the existing ones should have been spaced out better.

Butheyman, this piece actually rocks a bunch. Work on the animation, and personally I'd love to see more from this style. Preferably PB next time if you need any ideas c:

Good job, dude.

Theolebrazen responds:

Thank you for your awesome comment. This is one of the most helpful comments i've ever received so thank you for your honesty, I really appreciate it man. I'll try a little harder on the animation next time around, and animating pb might be a really good idea actually. (but next i'm actually animating knives chau from scott pilgrim)

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4.38 / 5.00

May 10, 2015
12:22 PM EDT
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969 x 720 px
747.1 KB

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