mundana exterioran "bust"

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mundana exterioran "bust"

Author Comments

I walked about, pacing left and right, grabbing books off the book shelf that had anything to do with stars, scattered along the floors, and tables were notes scribbled with astrological symbols, and magic anomalies. A grabbed my candlebra by its bronze handle whilst carrying books between my pit, the candle burned down to an inch with its flame fickering, giving threat to go out any moment "Why why why?" I said face towards my study room window. "Why why why" I said as I walked towards the glass panes. "WHY WHY WHY" I shouted, as I dropped my books, and candlebra to push the windows open with enough force to shatter them on the outerwall. I lifted my head to gaze upon the pale moon. It sit there, like a pale island upon a black, white speckled sea. "All my time waisted on the fools dream of touching the stars themselves, every one close to me gone, my body weak from overworking. I'll now die alone, without children, the physician said that my frail body would have any child I birth would die, and most likely kill me along with it. They'll call me the crazy women, who stared at the sky saying I could touch the stars themselves, the greater forces must be laughing off their asses." I thought to myself, I was so enthralled in my thoughts that I didn't even notice the fire started from the candle. I screamed, and I cursed the sky, while not even knowing that behind me, was a raging inferno. I felt a gust of heat wash over me, terrified I grabbed at all my notes, but in vain. The thick smoke filling my lungs, cinders burning at my hands, I couldn't hold on to my consciousness and slowly I drifted, until a hazy dark remained.
I stood in a blanket of Shadows for what seemed like eternity, my moments in the fire all but forgoten, with supra sing vigor I opened my eyes, I was naked, but not a burn on me, surrounded by walls of unbelievable curves, and angles. Surrounding me were two creatures covered in hair as thick as vines. To my right I saw a hole form in the wall, a being stood there, dressed in robes that changed colors, and paterns. And where it's hair should've been were large tentacles with a line running along them, and it's skin was orange, and it seemed translucent. One of the tentacles upon its head reached out, stretching over three yards. It began to reach for my face, I tried to move my head away from it, but it then looked at me like the look a stern mother would give a child when it won't take his medicine. I held still, not sure what to do as the creature felt all along my body. It then proceeded to draw back it's tentacle, and walk towards me. It's eyes a pure white." Do you have any questions?" Said the creature, as it gave me a kind smile. Asking the first thing that came to mind" where am I, and who are you?" The creature looked at me with an expression akin to a professer smiling, and said " The stars of course, and as for me, I'm a Mundana exterioran.


TL; DR. 4/23 blaze it again, as good as any other day.
Nice face 5/5 would kidnap.

themightyCaolf responds:

I found out who tl;Dr was literally yesterday, life is ironic.

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Apr 15, 2015 | 8:18 PM EDT
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