miss, maddam part.3


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What's next,
A. Facial
B. Anal dp
C. Spit roast (god I hate how that sounds)
D. Golden shower, maybe... don't judge me.
Also I shaded with a pencil, what you think?


Better, the photo is a little blurry but that is pretty much a common problem that one day you will have to fix, alright i think these are the last finishing touches to get this character a better appearance, her nose is too big, and after looking at them for a while now, tattooed breast are just not sexy at all, the size is perfect tho, by now i guess i am accustomed to her being a chubby woman on her late 20s.

Now what is Spit roast? oh is a 3some, na i will pass, is an opportunity to draw her sideways but for now lets stick with the basics, also way too many dicks on that option.
Since anal is Corvus thing (Cantete is not really a name that sticks) i don't see it right to steal her spot light, and while D would be the perfect excuse to explore a new perspective (from an artistic point of view you could use it to draw a new angle), however i think you should work more on her face and how to get it right, also before passing onto any exotic angles first we have to see if you can consistently draw good looking big breast (not just the downward conic shape, and we have yet to see some decently drawn nipples), so even if is boring i have to go with option A it is a perfect scenario to compare with the first picture of miss madam (think of a better name next time really) and will allow us to see if you have really improved in the spam of these last days, i am taking this shit way too seriously for it to just being porn, but fuck it.

In a way since i am being so picky with this, option A should be more challenging, specially since we have the first picture to compare to it, so things to look forward:
- Her improved face, the second picture had the best face but the worst breast, and the first picture was just no good face wise.
- Improved breast, this picture has the best breast but you can't see her nipples, and since her partner is playing with them we can't really appreciate the shape, and i know i suggested it and i am glad you take up the suggestion, so now that you successfully draw it this way, what comes next is to draw breast in their natural state meaning they will have to looks different from the inclining conic down shape of the first image.
- We already know her body type is chubby, so this is really up to you, but i will be looking forward to how the arms come out, if they happen to appear in the picture, for reference the arms in this image here are fine, so congratulations in that aspect.
- Tattoo removal, better start this early and pass it out as her lover playing with an erasable marker on her breasts, but the sweat of all the action removed the thing.

Now about the other options and angles, i think you should still draw them, but first you have to get the basic portrait for this character right, and this also goes for Corvus (Corvus sounds like a male name, but it still sounds better than Cantete which reminds me of a Canteen) even if she will use that medieval doctor mask most of the time, the occasions in which we see her actual face are nothing special, in most of them you actually don't draw her face, and when you do she looks quite old, even if you give her different hair styles if the rest of her face is that of a woman on her 40's then the effect is lost, well it is not like the whole thing is hopeless i actually went and gave it a quick view to your gallery and actually found a decent picture of Corvus face, interesting enough i didn't made a review for that one so i may as well do it.

themightyCaolf responds:

That's something that deos bug me, their faces. I don't have enough room to do finer detail. Guess I'll have to get a job, and buy better shit. *sobs*

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May 31, 2015
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