Dame Solaice


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A dame (female knight)named Solaice I drew for my friend, showing some improper usage of a sword, I might ad a back story, depends on what my friend wants.


Yes indeed, that's a prime example of Butthole-ryu an Ittoryu advanced technique in which the user wields the sword using the strength of her anal muscles, legends has it that no other form of Kenjutsu can rival it on sexiness, although it is an old technique performed by horny practitioners of the sword since time unmemorable, its nature as a Kenjutsu unfit for battle has demoted it to be part of the Shinbudo (the new martial arts born in the time of peace after the Meiji Restoration), and yet some argue that it is one of the most deadly sword techniques to ever be created! for they say were anyone be struck by the sight generated by this technique they would be fall prey to fell in sexual obsession towards the figure of such daring woman.

With that said it is said to be ineffective against non lesbian women, next level gay men, and it also has highly inconvenient effects if used against rapist.

Well that nonsense aside it would be interesting to see this finished, wonder what she is holding on her hand, could be a helmet, a vase full of lube, a head... great vagina, her face is not too detailed but it is pretty i guess, it works here because people will be looking more at her genitalia rather than her face anyway, the breast are nice, but they have this weird effect in which the more i look at them the less sexy they become, it makes me wonder about living in a world in which women can go topples all the time and suddenly breast are no longer sexually alluring, just like ankles and shoulders and knees, those where some scandalous body parts back in the Victorian era, nowadays they are just there, so how the hell did people got to reproduce before clothing was a thing? it must have been thanks to necessity, and a lot of teenage rape hormones, even if humans are fertile and can mate all year around without the incentive we are just another animal with a really short mating cycle.

You should also give her a bellybutton, just a nice hole to accentuate her belly, or lack of it, or maybe give her some muscle some nice abs that show that this girl has that armor for a reason, maybe not too marked but just a nice polished show.

themightyCaolf responds:

(I accidentallydeleted my response, so lets try again) , sorry for my impudence, or whatever you said. She does have a belly button, though I made it high up unfortunately, and with what you said about her boobs, along with the fallowing, that good sir is why I try to cover them up as much as possible usually so when you do see them nude it's amazing. Alas, the odds of this getting finished are slim to -infinity since I can never get pens. Also, I may, or may not be drawing some armour which I'd love for you to review later if it doesn't burden you. Thank you for the review, and the rather enjoyable read.

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Apr 4, 2016
6:50 PM EDT
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