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Author Comments

Mmh, good ol' tasteful nudity. Hopefully this shows up well, and I xan get the linework done, if not... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell... fuck me.


Ok lets start from the obvious:

- The works is not finished, and it needs to be inked badly.

- Some parts like the wings, her feet, and her lips look oddly shaped, let me explain:
* Since she is a slender girl chubby wings don't really fit her too well.
* Her feet looks a lite bit too thin, almost as if the dragon (which looks great if that is what you had in mind, if not it looks like a decompressed deep sea fish, but i am of the opinion that dragons shall not be cute) had crushed her feet, or as if she was missing some toes (and everything that would come with them), or as if she had hoofs, if she has hoofs, you have to make it more explicit and clear, denoting more wide ankles capable of withstanding her weight.
* Her lips, due to lack of inking seem to have this W like expression as if she was some kind of cat lady, a cat lady who eat a really sour lemon, this can be easily fixed by adding contrast to the lips to add volume, and that way she will look like a lady, or like a cat lady, who never eat a sour lemon.
* Her nose is an in-between of being on an angle, and being that of a typical lycanthrope, with this i want to say, she has a big nose, and i know normally when people go for the cute punch they either remove the entire nose, or draw a shameless triangle, my recommendation here is to try and follow the bridge of the nose to fuse it with the eyes, that way you draw a nose without really drawing the nose, it is cheating indeed, but it works, the problem here is the angle you are going for, but if you got all the way here, i am sure you can manage. Then again maybe she is half beast, and it is supposed to have a big nose, in that case, it is perfect, however for my personal taste i don't like it, maybe if you add more animal like features to the nose it could work, but as it is now, it makes her look too manly, those kind of noses are usually found in works depicting gender-queers, or made by queer artists, it is one odd quality that seems to transcend styles, and makes you suspect of it being a hidden code, which is weird, you would expect that people obsessed with variety would also take into consideration that not everyone has big noses.

- She seems to be covered in some kind of leaves or aura (probably leaves, since vines and all that), but since the drawing is not finished these details cant be identified too well, specially the ones in the upper right half of her face, between her horn and her wing.

- It has some really distracting sketch-lines here and there, specially 2 of them:
* The halo covering her actual halo of flames, maybe you were going for a reflecting effect, or for a bigger halo, who knows but it gives this odd effect of making her halo of flames, look like a bathtub hat, and i don't think she will be having soap on her eyes any time soon.
* And the ghost line of an extra finger between her chin and her hand, located on top of her neck and projecting from her hand, it gives the illusion of her having 6 fingers.

- She has a nice boob, is not really a lewd boob, maybe because she is a bit flat, maybe because i am not that big of a pervert, in any case her head and hand ended looking more sexy than her breast, take that as a compliment or as an insult, it could be that indeed, you did an awesome work there, in her upper regions, and i do think you did, or... her breast is just somehow more akin to a circle than a breast, here is my dilemma, some women are flat-chested, or you could add shadowing to this and give some volume to the breast, make it perky so it can stick out of the picture, but that is more a thing of taste, then again, giving her a perky breast doesn't means she will stop being petite, it however will increase the appeal. Also a nipple ring will look good on her, i believe.

- And since we are talking about boobs, where is her other breast? i was going to let it go, since it is being covered by her hand, but it should be able to be seen as a voluminous formation on her clothes, this brings the next step, giving the clothes tension, i know that you know, because you applied tension lines on this very drawing, however, what happened to the tension lines of her clothed boob? did she lost that boob in a fight? is there a tragic tit story to be told here? do daemons get breast cancer too? so many questions.

With that out of the way, lets cover the rest:

Well damn look at that, haven't you come a long way? this girl is gorgeous! and the dress she has is quite imaginative, it reminds me of the kind of Arab dress that some of the dragon girls on the covers of metal hurlant would wear sometimes, quite nice.

The details are also on point, the dragon companion, the pentagram and the cross really add to her character; i would say, personally, that the half horn & flower, is a little bit cliche, but fuck it, it makes it recognizable, maybe you used a model guide, who knows, it certainly works here as much as in any other case.

The other details are also good, but since they need to be inked as of now they can't be seen all that well (the vines groping her, and the leaves), but i like the idea.

It is interesting to note, and i have to congratulate you on that, for most of her anatomy is well drawn, other than the aforementioned points, her whole body is looking great, normally you would have fucked up a whole arm or leg, but not here, and that deserves to be mentioned, it is proof of your improvement.

Her hairstyle is also quite pretty, a little bit conservative for a daemon, but well maybe she is a shy girl, had to say that for someone that was not confident with faces, her face looks fine overall, i was planning on mentioning this before, but considering the theme of the drawing it was fine, a daemon is supposed to have sharp eyes, instead of the typical round and elliptical ones, i am talking about the whole eyes here, not about the pupils, which ended looking great. This however brings up a design problem, if the eyes are fine like this, then that means that the same should go for the nose, hmm indeed, in that case it is all up to you, the lips tho, those really need to be finished, there's no design excuse for those.

Her hand ignoring the ghost finger, looks great, the detail of her broken and bleeding fingernail, which could also be she having a magic finger, maybe covered in ashes after casting a fire spell, who knows, the drawing is not finished after all, but in any case it adds deep to the character, since it no longer is there just to be there, but points to her having a story, or i just spend way too much time looking at this....

Lets end this with a bang, dat vulva, dat vulva of hers is so sexy, what a tease too, the fact that she has a hooded clitoris and a closed vulva may lead people to think that she is quite young, add that to her face and small frame, and the idea could be well founded, but then again, she seems to shave regularly, and that means this is no young gall, at least not that young, and that's perfect, as a matter of fact that whole square composed of her lower half with the pentagram, her genital tease, and her thighs would have been perfect, if it wasn't because of her feet, which i still don't know what is going on here.

Overall i like it, you should really finish it, it holds great promise; maybe one day, once this is inked and, dare i say, colored, someone will come see this, and pop a boner, i do believe for an erotic work there's no more honest and great praise than an uncontrolled physical reaction.

themightyCaolf responds:

Hmm. First things first, I adore how her lips look now to be honest, yes, she's meant to have hooves, which I drew, but my shitty camera work is horrid. Now, as for her tits, or, tit, I was actually disapointed with how it turned out to be honest, so I went back, and just made it a flat chest because that's what I enjoy, so figured fuck it, I fixed the nose, I definitely am going to ad more vines, and leafey backgrounds, having ot in a way she looks trapped. The dragon is there because, she is a daemon, and daemons are associated with serpents, though, a simple snake did not seem appealing to me, so I opted to give it wings. The drawing over all was influenced by some of the works by Ayami Kojima, who is by far the best artist I've seen.

I'd like to thank you for the criticism, and kind words. This was made as a goft to a friend, so glad to know it's not a complete waist of paper.

Now, will I ever ink this... I, certainly will ink it, it will definitely be different from how it's drawn on that sheet of paper since that is just a sketch, when will I ink it?.. not any time soon, considering life is a bitch, and I've yet to get to the hard parts, though, that's personal problems, I can say though, having someone through a literal car full of clothes allover your room, then leaving them there with nowhere for ke to put them doesn't help me, but eh, laughing at it helps.

As for colouring... I can't say for certain that will happen, especially since, if I do manage to ink something beautiful, I'd dare not fuck it up with my lack of experience with colouring, so if I do colour it, it won't be any time soon.

Well, yeah, that's all I have to say, hopefully by some devine miracle, it starts raining pens, and ink outside, with minimal casualties, but until then... fuck me I guess o3o.

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Credits & Info

Feb 20, 2016 | 11:59 AM EST
File Info
1969 x 2540 px
2.3 mb

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