butt loob, with Corvus part3


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Well being the sick, demented fuck (you) Corvus is, she decides that her ass needs to be literally broken. Summoning her inner self, her head is engulfed in a black,feathery substance. where her head once was forms into a long eel like appendage covered in onyx feathers. The growth curls around, ripping her shirt, until the end faces her 2 inch wide sphincter, with a strange tearing noise, a plague doctor's mask surfaces from under the feathers, under it forms a grinning toothy maw. The mouth of the growth opens up, letting a foot wide pink tong flop out, the tongue reaches forward 1 meter, licking at open, red orifice, lathering it in thick beads of saliva whilst making load slurping noises. On the sides of the appendage two long, thin arms resembling crow fit spring from under the feathers. The right arm delves two fingers into the hole violantly thrashing them around, creating a loud *squelching*. Taking the two finger, the right hand pulls the asshole wider, then taking the left hand, plunges a whole fist into the anus, until the asshole reaches up to it's wrist. With wore sweat now forming on Corvus' body until she's literally soaking wet, her stench begins filling the air, her pussy pulsating, and leaking thick strands of girl cum. The fist begins pumping in, and out of her sphincter vigorously, causing liquids to fly every where, with one last pull, the hand grips the inside of her colan, sending her into a bone shattering orgasm, causing her to squirt girl cum over 6 ft out of her fuck hole, the strange growth then disappears into a black mist, uncovering Corvus' head moaning in orgasm bliss. Tired, even though she just woke up, Corvus collapses into sleep, leaving a large, red, fleshy growth, shining in a thick mucas, hanging 2 1/2 inches out of her ass.
So ends this cautionary tail, so next time you want to by lube, be sure it's not spelled loob. Also don't worry, Corvus is supernatural, do her ass will be as tight as a newborns,(when she wants it)


Hey! on my defense, the other options were underwhelming for the kind of experience she put herself through with that giant butt-plug, plus you are the one who actually put the option there.

themightyCaolf responds:

i sat a gun on a table, go kill someone. Anyways don't worry about her anus shes supernatural so she can restore it back to its original form, or not if she wants to show it off. The phone i use to upload got the shit cracked out of it, but i did get around to uploading a pixel sprite of Corvus, so YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY.

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May 3, 2015
4:19 AM EDT
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