butt loob, with Corvus part 2


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Deciding to really have her ass stretched, Corvus does a quick, flick of the wrist, and in a puff of smoke, she has four vibratory taped on her, clit, left nipple, in her mouth, and on her lower stomach, two of each connected to a switch clipped on an elastic belt around her waste. Under her is a large, black, cone shaped butt plug 8 1/2 inches thick. Leaning back, and grabbing her heels, she lowers herself over the black monster, pressing the tip of the plug against her pink cherry, she lowers herself down to 3 inches, the black toy spreading the warm, wet insides of her anus. Taking a deep breath she let's all her weight fall onto the cone, here asshole now spread 8 inches, and her body shaking in delight from all the vibrators, she pulls her ass up back the butt plug, till only a centimeter of the tip is in her ass, then slams her weight back down, spreading her asshole back to 8 inches. Continuing she rises back to the tip of the plug, and slams down 5 more times, till she finally gets a steady rythm, her pussy now hot, and , wet with a red tint, the wet insides of her ass start convulsing around the butt plug.
She continues bouncing up, and down the monster for another minute, her thoughts began to grow hazy, eyes rolling back, mouth raw, and drooling from the vibrator, beads of sweat forming, her entire body burning with lust, her skin blushing light crimson, taking her left hand, she shoves her middle, and ring finger deep into her wet fuckhole. Starting to pick up speed, she pounds the the plug so hard that her ass checks yo past the base, and smack against the bed while vigorously plunging her fingers into her pussy starts curling her finger upwards, gripping the roof of her slippery canal. The added forces of the buttplug, vibrators, and fingers soon overwhelms her, sending a rocking orgasm, her ass tightning, and her pussy shooting cups of girl cum, letting out a deep, sultry moan, her whole body stiffens straight up, closing her eyes, she collapses ford onto her stomach, a few shots of girl cum shooting from her wet vagina, the vibrators disappearing in a puff of smoke, the butt plug slowly sliding out of her ass with an audible *pop* leaving a red, convulsing, 2 inch wide gape. With her wet, body still shacking, she closes her eyes in an a tempt to fall back to sleep, but not before.
A. Pouring cream into her gaping ass.
B. Stuffing her ass with 3 2inch metal balls.
C. Prolapse... maybe... maybe not...don't judge.


Someone once told me: "You bastard don't you dare bring logic into porn!"

But hey mistakes were made, and Mr Author here has brought up numbers, that's right people numbers! So lets math:

3 inches is y 7 cm, 8.5 inches is 21 cm...
To put things on perspective, that cone is at least 10 cm tall or so, and it has a max diameter of 21 cm.
That means that her anal gape, if it retained original proportions, has a circumference of aprox 32 cm.

No human penis will ever satisfy her big, big, obscenely big gaped hole.

So by mere math we can know that 3 meat balls each 2 inches big (that's 5 centimeters), will do nothing to her, nothing, even when put on an horizontal line one after the other that gives us a measly 15 cm, she would need 2 meat balls each 15-20 centimeters big, and meat balls are just that, meat balls, so they will get squished and comprised losing size, so in reality to really feel it she would need some 35 cm big meat balls, those are some unrealistically big meat balls, thus option B can. not. be.

Lets evaluate option A, Pouring cream on her gaping ass, her 21 cm gaping ass, of a 32 cm circumference, we could do some math here and find how much cream she would need to fill herself, we could, but is not worth it, that cream will just block what is by now clearly an unbelievable sight, plus what would some cream do to her anyways? cool her down after all that friction? boring.

So by discard, we are left with option C, a prolapse, and she better have to be prolapsed after all that was happening here, the only way for her anus to retain some decent proportions is if her rectum had come out of her body in order to save the shape of what once was her ass, that's right, her body upon withstanding the heavy abuse did what it could and dragged her insides out.

As we know the rectum is an amorphic zigzagging tube that leads into the anus, which is the final orifice on the digestive system, but that tube is no more, after its base was stretched in such an irresponsible manner, what was once a tube is now a conic tube that's trying to compensate the stretching to keep things pseudo functional, it will look as if she is starting to shit her intestines out, and what looks like the tip of that organ which is coming out of her, is anatomically somewhere around the mid of her rectum, the mid of her rectum is now not only outside of her, it is also acting as her new temporal anus.

So i guess we are left with option C, because it's the only one that makes sense, and the only option that could actually make her feel something, since we have come to these extremes it would be nice to see how her body passes from that nonsensical 21 cm wide gaped asshole, into what will be a prolapsed anus trying to retain her now gone shape, as her swollen blood-vessels try their hardest to retain a structure.

themightyCaolf responds:

It should say metal balls not meat balls

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