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Here are a few weapon concepts I did today just for fun to practice creating silhouettes.

Which one would you take into a fight?

From left to right:

1."An elegant sword used by nobles. finely crafted and easy to use thanks to its flower like hand guard parrying is easy. The ribbon tied to the handle is used to distract opponents."

2. "An ordinary slightly curved sword with a stiff blade, mostly used for cutting but the stiffness also enables thrusting"

3. "An ancient short sword with half of the blade encrusted in stone. The other side of the blade is still sharp, but the other side can only be used for bludgeoning.

4. "A primal straight sword with a triangle shaped tip. Mostly used by barbaric people as a sort of a machete, but the triangle tip allows it to pierce armor effectively.

5. "A long stiff dagger type known as dragon slayers. Usually used to deliver the killing blow to injured dragons by striking a vital organ. Oftentimes the strength of the wielder is not enough to puncture the dragons hide, so a hammer may be used with it. The wails of a dying dragon are hard to bear so this is often done quickly after felling one."

6. "A ceremonial curved sword made from gold. The building material of the blade makes it brittle and using it outside of its intended ceremonial use breaks it quickly."

7. "A trusty knife. An ordinary knife worn by many travelers, the blade and handle are slightly elongated to allow it to be used in self defense more effectively."

8. "Tainted spear. A spear of a long lost warrior who fell to the damnates decores. The spear is rotten and the tip has mostly rusted off, but due to the plants that grow on it even a glancing blow will paralyze the target."

9. "Angled scimitar. A scimitar used by less desirable ilk. The blade is designed to cut off the limbs of the victim and create deep wounds."

10. "Ancient sword that presumably was the blade of a larger sword wielded by someone very strong. Now the part of the sword that remains has been re-purposed as a wieldable weapon with leather straps that form a handle."

11. "Hairpin. An intricately thin rapier used by elites. These weapons require long arduous training due to the fact that one cannot block with the blade due to its brittleness. Instead the wielder must rely on a shield or footwork. The blade can easily pass through a person and find the gaps in armor. In untrained hands it cannot do much damage, but with this weapon it is important to aim for the heart."

12. "Elongated twisted dagger. Often used as a sidearm or in shady work. The twisted design of the blade easily draws blood and creates deep wounds."

13. "Ancient mace. A small mace carved from durable stone. Despite its age it still functions well as a weapon."

14. "Corrupted blade. A blade made from the bony heart of an aberration. It is said that the souls of those killed by a blade such as this will come back as aberrations and seek that who ended their corporeal existence."


I'd go for all of them, depending on which race and/or personality I'd have in the universe these weapons exist. My favorite is the golden ceremonial dagger (because of it's looks, but it would require a lot of practice to use the curved blade effectivly) and #3, the stone/mace "hybrid".
I reckon one could find that deep in an overwrown Mayan/Inca-like temple :)

I have a question, though: What's an "aberration"? An evil creature? Golem? Skeletal demon?

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themefinland responds:

:D I would also have number 3 at the top of my list!

Ah, this piece should tell you quite well what an aberration is and the description there ought to open up the concept further! http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/themefinland/chaotic-aberration

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